Yuran was indignant, Spartak scored. The red and white defeated Paris NN

The first match between Spartak and Paris NN in the current Russian Cup did not leave anyone who saw this fantastic match indifferent. The teams put on a brilliant show with many goals scored. The situation in this game turned 180 degrees several times, and with the final whistle of Sergei Tsyganok a surprising result for football was recorded: 5:4, and in regulation time.

Are you sure this isn’t a penalty shootout? “Spartak” and “Paris NN” scored nine goals between them

Nizhny Novgorod fans probably expected to see something similar to the August thriller in Tushino at home. And it’s worth noting that they had every right to do so. Spartak in recent games does not give the impression of being a balanced team. And you could expect anything from the Nizhny Novgorod team, who managed to score four goals against the red and white team who were on a roll. Furthermore, Guillermo Abascal once again decided to experiment with composition. Almost everyone who is usually associated with Spartak’s attacking success this season remained on the bench. And in the first minutes, the Nizhny Novgorod team tried to test the mood of the only leader of the group for this match, taking control of the ball.

FC “Paris NN”

But the guests, withstanding the initial pressure, knew how to carry out an attack that resulted in goals. Anton Zinkovsky forced a fight with Dmitry Stotsky, who unsuccessfully returned the ball, which Klassen took advantage of. Yes, we can say that the red and white defender was partly lucky. But this didn’t make Spartak’s goal any less beautiful. León put the ball into the net with a powerful shot into the top corner. Vitaly Botnar didn’t get a chance to help Pari NN in this episode. The teams went to half-time with a minimal advantage for the guests.

And at the opening of the second part there was an episode that caused violent indignation on the part of Sergei Yuran. Vladislav Karapuzov burst into the opponent’s area and hit the post, and Alexander Troshechkin was the first to grab the rebound. The inhabitants of Nizhny Novgorod rushed to congratulate each other, but their joy was premature. Evgeny Bulanov first took a break, and then confidently walked to the monitor. In the replay it was clear that Edgar Sevikyan hit Nail Umyarov in the leg during the scoring attack. The main referee took very little time to review the controversial episode: the goal was disallowed. After this decision, Sergei Yuran did not even try to hide his emotions from him.

RIA Novosti

Subsequently, the brilliant gestures of the Nizhny Novgorod coach on the bench more than once became the object of attention of television cameras. At the same time, his team did not lose hope of saving the match. The most realistic opportunity to restore equality on the scoreboard was Kirill Gotsuk. But after his shot the ball flew just over the crossbar.

But Spartak took advantage of their opportunity on a counterattack. The second goal against Botnar was scored by the players who came on as substitutes after the break. Promes made an elegant pass to Martins, who doubled the Muscovites’ lead.

FC “Paris NN”

The inhabitants of Nizhny Novgorod did not give up and went on the attack again. But this only led to the rojiblancos’ third goal. Quincy Promes himself ran towards Botnar’s goal and set the final score. 3:0 – Spartak won and ahead of schedule, two rounds before the end, secured first place in the group. And Paris NN now faces a difficult fight to continue the fight in the National Cup.

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