“You can’t judge like that.” What’s wrong with the scandalous dismissal of CSKA defender Roshi? Video

“You can’t judge like that.” What’s wrong with the scandalous dismissal of CSKA defender Roshi? Video

Maxim Pakhomov September 16, 2023, 16:53 Moscow time

Willian Rocha received the second yellow card from referee Lyubimov. And Igor Fedotov does not agree with this.

The main match of the eighth round of the RPL is the match between CSKA and Krylya in Moscow. The former still have ambitions to fight for first place in the league, the latter are sensationally at the top of the first seven rounds. The match, in principle, lived up to the main team’s expectations: in almost half an hour the teams scored three goals. “Alas” won by 2:1.

The key in this situation was going to be the second part. And so it happened. And the first important episode was the expulsion of CSKA defender Willian Rocha in the 62nd minute. It happened after contact with Sergei Babkin. At the same time, judge Artyom Lyubimov did not immediately show the second card to the Brazilian. You can judge this episode for yourself.

Rocha argued with the dismissal, Lyubimov was booed by fans and we discussed his decision with former RPL judge Igor Fedotov.

“Firstly, before the episode of the second yellow card, Rocha pretended,” Fedotov believes, “and Lyubimov did not punish him for it. Well, I didn’t… okay, although it seems like we’re struggling with the simulations. Now to the episode itself. First, Lyubimov continued the game and then whistled to call the doctors. Then I arrived at the collision site, something started walking and wandering around there. And then he showed the card.

What happened in the episode itself? There was nothing there. Rocha was playing ball. After that, he had nowhere to put his foot, and the Wings player put his foot under his opponent. This is a purely game moment, while the referee initially continued the game! He was advised by substitute referee Bulanov, who has two matches in the RPL. This is ridiculous. Lyubimov swam, got lost in martial arts, lost the threads of the game. You just can’t judge like that.

The elimination, suddenly, even helped CSKA. Rather, morally. The home team took a big lead and recovered 15 minutes before the end of regulation time: Fedor Chalov scored.

Do you think it was necessary to send off Willian Rocha in the game against Wings?

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