Wild comeback from Ignashevich’s team in 4 minutes! Karpin gave away the match he won

Wild comeback from Ignashevich’s team in 4 minutes! Karpin gave away the match he won

Anatoly Romanov September 16, 2023, 23:30 Moscow time

Rostov missed the victory over Baltika, although they were also lucky with refereeing decisions.

“Rostov” interrupted a series of three defeats in a row in the RPL. But a draw in Kaliningrad is like a defeat for Valery Karpin. In fact, his team won the game.

In the first minutes it seemed that the weight of failure had crushed both teams. For a quarter of an hour, the teams of Sergei Ignashevich and Karpin could not create anything, except for the episode with the fall of the home player in the Rostov area. The referee did not award a penalty and in the replay it was not easy to conclude whether Vakhania had committed a foul.

In addition, it has been observed that the residents of Kaliningrad are more cautious than usual when it comes to high blood pressure. The Rostovites know how to break any pressure by including goalkeeper Pesyakov in the play, so Baltika obviously adjusted his tactics.

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Rostov scored the first shot on goal and this goal proved controversial. Was there a foul on the home defender Gassama before Utkin hit, after which the ball bounced off the post and into Latyshonka’s goal? Once again, repetition does not give a clear answer to the question. It seemed that there was contact on the legs, however the VAR judges had more possibilities to manipulate the “frame”. One way or another, no foul was found: the goal was counted. Utkin, unlike his opponents, finished the episode and scored for the first time in a year.

“Baltika” with the score 0:1 had to go on the attack, but Ignashevich’s team lacked speed and ideas with the ball. The home team first hit Rostov’s goal only in the 37th minute. In addition, the judges in another controversial episode made a decision not in favor of Kaliningrads, when Mokhebi pushed Malyarov in his own area. But Rostov scored the second goal before the break. Baltika recovered it under enemy pressure. Letts made a bad pass, Gassama mishandled the ball and did not correct the loss: he switched to Golenkov late. So far the new Frenchman has not impressed. Previously, Baltika lost to Ural on an 11-meter penalty after their foul.

In the second half, Baltika finally pressed high and began to have more possession of the ball. The locals had to improve in this aspect of the game to save themselves. Suffice it to say that almost until half-time the leader of Ignashevich’s team in touches remained… goalkeeper Latyshonok. The Kaliningrad coach incorporated the newly arrived Bistrovich into the midline, signed just before the closing of the summer transfer market, with whom he himself also played at CSKA. However, Baltika managed to create something only by standards.

Karpin’s team lost the previous three away games in the Russian championship with a total score of 1:10, but with every minute of the match in Kaliningrad it became more and more difficult to believe that Baltika would score at least one goal. This time Rostov defended without panic, although full-back Terentyev was forced to act in the center. Kaliningrads had approaches, as the coaches like to say, but flaws ruined all potentially dangerous attacks. Only in the last 20-25 minutes Ignashevich released new forwards: Enriques, who once appeared at Manchester United, and Musaev.

Baltika did not make it in the final round, however, in the 86th minute, the Kaliningraders managed to score and return intrigue to the match. Fernández played well in the episode with the goal. The Bolivian, after receiving the ball in the opponent’s half, skillfully moved away from his opponent, advanced and cut in a beautiful cross. Fernández was signed for this ability to serve from the flank (last season he gave Bolívar nine assists). Enriquez won the fight ahead of Chernov, landing a headbutt.

And in added time, Baltika performed a miracle! Emotions pushed the home team forward and pushed the guests towards the goal. Another cross from Fernández, rebound and shot from Bistrovich, a strange movement of Glebov’s foot… and the ball was in the net!

A crazy comeback helped Baltika break their losing streak of four in a row.

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