What shoes age a man and make him look ridiculous? 5 pair stop list.

The world of fashion is constantly changing, and with it the trends in men’s footwear. What was relevant a few years ago today can spoil the image and turn a harmonious whole into an absurd and boring whole.

Do you want to look your age? Then listen to stylist Olga Denega’s anti-trend review. Of course, these things are a matter of taste, but perhaps you can take a look at some of the common solutions and make your look fresher and more elegant.

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“What shoes make a man look older? What does this mean? First of all, these are frankly outdated options that tell the whole world that you are the same age. Secondly, decisions that do not correspond to the status of a successful adult man. And finally, not very appropriate models. Agree that a self-sufficient adult must understand that shoes for the city are one thing, but for recreation, sports or hobby – another.

So, what decisions can be unsafe if you are in the “40+” age category and we are talking about everyday outings: to the office, to a meeting, for a walk? “We will look into it and find a more modern alternative.”

Grandpa’s shoes

Low ankle boots with rounded toes and laces were popular in the last century, so it’s best to leave them there. Today, this model is associated only with “grandfather’s” boots and looks outdated. In addition, it is difficult to find a successful combination of this type of shoes with modern clothing. Maybe if a teenager designs something like this, it will be interesting, but for a high-status man such experiments are dangerous.

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What to replace it with?

To combine comfort and style, simply add models in the style of the classic Dr. to your wardrobe. Marthas. These are shoes just above the ankle with laces and a stable and voluminous sole. They will look elegant with casual solutions: from straight jeans and coats to chinos and biker jackets. The ideal is that they be original. If you can’t buy it, when looking for replicas, choose higher quality leather.

DR Boots MARTENS 1460 Cocoa Wp snow blower, 21,990 rubles. /Appointment

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ugly shoes

This is the name of bulky sneakers with many colored inserts, which often have unusual shapes and convex details. This model is appropriate for theme parties or in the wardrobe of a rebellious teenager, but it is completely unsuitable for rich men.

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At the moment, the design, which until now was quite relevant, is losing ground. Because of this, the “childishness” of the model becomes more evident. To make it look organic, it is better to match its age. Well, or skillfully develop your image so that the shoes become an organic complement to it. Of course, the reason must also match.

Grunberg genuine leather waterproof sneakers, 9,900 rubles. /Live shopping

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What to replace it with?

Choose sneakers with a minimalist design. Neutral colors and classic shapes help create a more elegant and versatile look. For winter, you can choose insulated genuine leather slippers with voluminous soles in basic shades.

Find a selection of current models at the following link:

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sports hybrid

Models that can be considered sneakers and sneakers at the same time should leave your wardrobe. They look outdated and distort the proportions of the leg. These shoes add ten years to the age and indicate a lack of taste.

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What to replace it with?

The best option that will never go out of style are classic sneakers in white or black. They adapt to almost any style and can even be combined with business suits.

Termit CASPER 3.0 sneakers, 5419 rubles. /Ozon

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Pointed shoes

Patent leather pumps with a thin sole and a pointed heel are a great example of a shoe that should remain a thing of the past. This model seems too formal and old-fashioned.

These shoes can only be combined with a classic business suit and can be appropriate for celebrations. In order not to look like a “hipster” from Soviet films, it is better to choose more modern models, for example, with a rounded or square toe and thick soles.

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What to replace it with?

Loafers are a great choice for business shoes that look elegant and refresh your appearance. It is better to choose models made of high-quality leather with a minimum of details. A thick sole will visually lengthen your silhouette. Wear them barefoot or with short socks that don’t show under your shoes.

FASSCARPE moccasins, 2,347 rubles. /Berries

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Models for tourism and mountaineering (in the city)

These boots are intended for outdoor activities and hiking, but on city streets they look strange and outdated. Their massive appearance, thick soles, special materials and flashy laces can make the look too rough and uncomfortable. Neither jeans, nor trousers, nor sweatpants create a harmonious and modern outfit when combined with them. Therefore, it is better to leave the functional models for hiking to conquer peaks, and for urban looks choose something that combines with them.

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What to replace it with?

Frankly sporty boots can be replaced with a red or brown pair in the Timberland style. They cover the ankle, have laces, are waterproof and have a thick treaded sole. Their minimalist design will add elegance to your look, but at the same time the shoes will keep you warm during the cold season and you will feel comfortable in them.

Timberland Premium 6-inch boot YELLOW, 32,990 RUB. / Fashion

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