What are the benefits of mint and does it help you lose weight? Nutritionist named beneficial properties.

“Everyone knows the pleasant and refreshing aroma of mint: some add it to tea, others know it better in cosmetics and others associate it with oral care products. The range of its uses is very diverse and the list of beneficial properties is impressive enough to get to know this herb a little better and, perhaps, start using it.”

What is mint?

Peppermint is a hybrid plant of water mint and spearmint, originally used in cooking and food production, but has also been used for its medicinal properties.

Mint has an oily component that is medicinal. It has a very high menthol content, which is considered a biologically active ingredient. This menthol is not toxic at the recommended dose, but should not be confused with mint itself.

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Menthol is a compound produced synthetically or extracted from peppermint or other mint plants. It is widely used in pharmaceuticals, baking, oral hygiene products, cosmetics and as a flavoring agent.

Mint is also known as:

menthol; peppermint; mint balm.

But mint should not be confused with peppermint or water mint, plants of which it is a hybrid.

How is it useful?

The main medicinal role of mint is due to its positive effect on various problems of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). For example, it can relax the muscles of the stomach and intestinal tract, and internal use of the herb speeds up the initial phase of digestion in the stomach while reducing colon motility.

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It is also known as a carminative: mint is believed to help in the fight against flatulence. Additionally, there is considerable evidence in favor of its use to reduce abdominal pain in people with irritable bowel syndrome.

But of course it also has other advantages:

1. Peppermint can relieve headaches. This occurs by applying a 10% peppermint solution to the scalp at the beginning of tension, and repeating after 15 and 30 minutes.

2. There is evidence for peppermint’s ability to reduce nausea when used as aromatherapy. This method does not require a specific dosage. The herb extract should be used in oil form or in a distiller until a pleasant aroma diffuses.

Any form of peppermint oil should be effective, although for people who suffer from heartburn and want to take peppermint oil for the colon, enteric-coated capsules will be helpful.

An enteric coating is a polymeric barrier applied to oral medications that prevents them from dissolving or disintegrating in the gastric environment.

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3. Aromatherapy with peppermint oil improves anxiety in adults with acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Many people who develop SCA, a condition in which too little blood reaches the heart, often experience high levels of anxiety, especially in the early stages of the disease.

Research on this topic has shown that aromatherapy with peppermint oil can have a beneficial effect in reducing anxiety in patients.

4. Using essential oils from herbs, flowers and other plants is a popular method to combat nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. For this, two herbs are usually used: not only mint, but also lemon.

This effect is achieved by applying three drops of a medicinal solution of five percent lemon essential oil and five percent peppermint essential oil on a cotton swab and bringing it to the nose at a distance of no more than 3 cm, after which must be taken several deep breaths through the nose.

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How can mint help you lose weight?

Of course, mint will not help break down fats, but with its help you can achieve good results in weight loss. The fact is that many people drink large amounts of sugary drinks, which significantly increases the calorie content of their diet.

Their danger lies not only in the presence of sugar, but also in the fact that not everyone considers them a source of calories, consuming juices, carbonated drinks, sweet tea and coffee in large quantities.

And here drinks with mint would be a good substitute. Its peculiarity is its refreshing aroma, the absence of added sugar and its attractive appearance: in addition to the herb itself, any fruit and berry can be added to it. You can take these drinks to work, drink them during your workout, and experiment with the filling each time.


You can use mint only after consulting a doctor, as it has contraindications. Among them:

low blood pressure; varicose veins; age up to two years; predisposition to allergic reactions; pregnancy; gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Mint Drink Recipes

Water with mint and blueberries


kiwi – 2 pieces; blueberries – 1 handful; lemon – 0.5 pieces; mint – 1 bunch; water – 1.5 l.

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Place the peeled kiwi and mint leaves in a blender, prepare the puree, place it in a jug, pour the juice of half a lemon, add the blueberries, pour water, stir, you can strain before serving, serve the drink with ice. .

Water with mint and ginger.


mint – 1 bunch; file – 2 pieces; ginger – 45 g; plain or sparkling water – 2 l.

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Cut the ginger into thin slices, put in a saucepan, add the mint leaves, pour into a glass of water, cook for three minutes, squeeze the juice from the limes, strain and cool the mint-ginger broth, place ice in a large jug. , pour in the cold broth, lime juice and water. Before serving, stir the drink with a long cocktail spoon or bamboo stick.

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Green tea with mint and lime


mint – 30 g; green leaf tea – 1 teaspoon; cinnamon – 1 stick; star anise – 1 star; file – 0.5 pieces; water – 1.5 l.

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Separate the mint leaves from the twigs, place them in a small saucepan, add the tea and cover with water. Leave for two to three minutes, pour boiling water over the teapot, add cinnamon, star anise and sliced ​​lime and pour in the infused tea. Brew for two minutes.

You can drink it hot or drink it cold.

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