“We didn’t have a summer vacation”: State Duma deputies got to work and decided to switch to a Russian car

In honor of the beginning of the new session, the State Duma building was decorated with the tricolor flag.



In honor of the beginning of the new session, the State Duma building was decorated with the tricolor flag. At the entrance there is a crowd of deputies, their numerous assistants and no less numerous journalists. The famous Duma dining room was also inaugurated inside (for two months it was on vacation together with the deputies). However, as for the holidays… Judging by the speeches before the deputies, only the restoration of the Duma had a break this summer.

– United Russia deputies spent their vacation following the progress of the popular program! – representatives of the ruling party happily reported.

They briefed journalists in a large group, up to 8 people. Newcomers were also introduced here:

– Soltan Uzdenov, 25 years old, elected from Karachay-Cherkessia (it turns out that Soltan is a hereditary deputy; his father, Jasharbek Uzdenov, also held the seat of parliamentarian, and also from EdRa, he died a few months ago),

– 42-year-old Yuri Nesterenko came to the Duma from Crimea (until recently he was a member of the Simferopol City Council).

– Dmitry Averov, 49 years old, came from the Lipetsk region (there he was chairman of the regional Council of Deputies).

– Sergei Eremin, 47 years old (former deputy governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory).

It turns out that the Duma was updated by 1%, but it was still updated.

Head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov



And United Russia talked about… Khakassia. That “only 9 schools were included in the school renewal program, and there the law to debureaucratize teaching work does not work…”. What does Khakassia have to do with this? This is a blow to its young communist governor, Valentin Konovalov. He was successfully re-elected just two weeks ago.

After United Russia, the communists howled at journalists and… also started talking about Khakassia.

“8,000 dirty stories were published on television against Valentin Konovalov,” said the permanent head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Gennady Zyuganov. According to Zyuganov, this was, of course, organized by United Russia.

In terms of his competitors, Zyuganov is generally as good as he should be. They say that they do not implement programs or presidential decrees.

“I don’t want to ruin anyone’s mood, but everyone will be in a better mood (ed.) if we win,” he said and shook a newspaper in his hand.

Zyuganov suggested to his colleagues an experiment: to live on 20 thousand dollars a month (as, in his opinion, they survive in the regions), instead of developing a new budget.

Head of “A Just Russia – For the Truth” Sergei Mironov



The director of A Just Russia – For the Truth, Sergei Mironov, seemed cheerful and thinner. He also talked about money:

– We will raise the issue of the introduction of the 13th pension, increasing the base salary for public sector employees, we are in favor of reducing VAT for manufacturers of children’s goods…

Mironov, by the way, was the first of his colleagues to publicly approve President Volodin’s decision to transfer deputies to national vehicles. But of course you are not alone:

“This should have been done a long time ago,” United Russia member Olga Zanko confidently told KP. – It seems to me that this is one of the manifestations of patriotism: vacationing in Russia, buying Russian cars and not only.

And Vladislav Davankov from “New People” boasted that he had already moved to Moskvich:

– I tried it during the summer. I liked the car. I will drive to Moskvich for another week and then the leadership of the State Duma will decide. For now, the “Genesis” are assigned to vice presidents for official trips.

Davankov’s boss in “New People” Alexey Nechaev did not talk about the automotive industry


But Davankov’s boss at New People, Alexey Nechaev, did not talk about the automotive industry:

– The media will write that the deputies have returned from vacation. But we didn’t have a vacation. During the two summer months, we held more than 1,000 meetings and prepared 27 bills. Everything is based on the results of communication with voters.

LDPR leader Leonid Slutsky complained about the insidious Americans who did not give him a visa to the UN General Assembly. He was worried about accelerators:

– We will consider a law to reduce the VAT rate for manufacturers of children’s goods. But! It is necessary to determine what children’s products are so that the accelerators do not fall outside the size table of the school uniform. We have many teenagers who wear adult sizes.

LDPR leader Leonid Slutsky



During these “approaches to the press” time passed quickly and exactly at noon the deputies flocked to the room. The last to safely enter were President Viacheslav Volodin, accompanied by First Vice President Alexander Zhukov and United Russia member Vasiliev. The president only throws one sentence at the journalists:

– Finally!

And here it is! Meeting. The room is packed. Greetings, hugs, friendly selfies (like September 1 at the school assembly).

– Are you taking pictures? -Volodin asks his companions, smiling. – Don’t get carried away, it’s a bad omen. Let’s count those gathered…

A representative of the “New Town” (pictured in the center) came out with a kokoshnik and a minimum wage.

Photo: Edward CHESNOKOV

Today almost everyone is in the room: 423 of 450 deputies. “There is a quorum,” President Volodin announced. “The session can be considered open!” And the Russian anthem sounded, the lyrics of which, as a backup, were displayed on all the screens in the main hall of the State Duma.

Everyone gets up. The operators snatch the “stars” from the Duma. Irina Yarovaya and Anna Kuznetsova (both on the podium) as brides dressed in white. The eternal Valentina Tereshkova, as always, with her characteristic hairstyle and order on her chest. Man-mountain Vyacheslav Valuev, famous champion Irina Rodnina… All familiar faces.

The Duma has been working on this composition for two years. And this is the fifth session. But somehow no new stars were born. Even it is no longer there, how can we not remember Zhirinovsky, who lit it? And Elena Mizulina with her struggle with synthetic underwear. Maybe Milonov will at least return from the Northern Military District zone to Moscow? Or will the new ones be announced? We are waiting, we are waiting…

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