Transport interchange between the Moscow Ring Road and Lipetskaya Street opens – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

“It is an object of great size, size and importance,” said the city chief. – In fact, it is the new southern gate of Moscow with access to the M4 Don highway. Today, all major traffic jams in Moscow are concentrated right here, on Lipetskaya and on the Moscow Ring Road. The decoupling we are launching ahead of schedule will largely address these issues. Congratulations, let’s go!

The reconstruction took just over two years and the builders completed it 16 months ahead of schedule in the contract. The previous roundabout was a classic cloverleaf intersection that had run out of capacity many times. This outdated structure has been replaced by a modern interchange with directional ramps. In total, 6.8 kilometers of roads were built, including seven artificial structures, including a tunnel under the M-4 Don highway from outside the Moscow Ring Road to Lipetskaya Street and six overpasses.

New exits were also built from the inner side of the MKAD to the M-4 Don highway towards the region, from the outer and inner sides of the MKAD to Lipetskaya Street towards the center and from the M4 Don highway to the inner side of the MKAD towards Varshavskoye Shosse. Thanks to the work carried out, Muscovites now have free access to the Don federal highway. The capacity of the renovated interchange has increased by approximately 20% and now during rush hours cars will be able to pass through the exits several times faster.

Reducing congestion on the Moscow Ring Road will benefit millions of motorists and public transport passengers who regularly or occasionally use the southern section of this highway. According to experts, the adjacent section of the Moscow Ring Road will be decongested by 11-12%, Lipetskaya Street towards the region – by 13%, M-4 towards the center – by 9%. The road situation in Western and Eastern Biryulyovo, for approximately half a million people, will also radically improve, the mayor stressed.

By the end of 2024, the city plans to build another 11.8 kilometers of roads in this part of the city. In particular, an overpass will be built across the railway tracks in a side passage on the outer side of the Moscow Ring Road, the head of Lipetskaya Street will be partially reconstructed, and three elevated pedestrian crossings will be built on the Lipetskaya street near the house. No. 54 and across the Moscow Ring Road in the area of ​​the villages of Izmailovo and Dubrovsky, Moscow Region. And to reduce noise, protective screens will be installed in the area of ​​​​the village of Blizhnye Prudishchi, the village of Dubrovsky and the Fruit Park cultural park.

Let us remind you that since 2011, 22 transport interchanges in Moscow have already been rebuilt and rebuilt.

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