This is Dzyuba going crazy! I tore my shirt into pieces by the referee’s decision. Video

This is Dzyuba going crazy! I tore my shirt into pieces by the referee’s decision. Video

Dmitry Zimin September 17, 2023, 20:57 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Artyom activated Hulk mode. And then referee Fedorov turned the story into a meme.

Lokomotiv could not do anything with the Orenburg defense in the first half. Yes, Pinyaev scored well, Miranchuk had chances, but in general the guests were not inferior to the favorites. This angered and irritated the players. Perhaps they expected three easy points, given that the opponent is in the play-off zone.

In the 32nd minute a revealing episode occurred. Loko intercepted the ball in his field and was able to go on the attack. Consequently, Dziuba also shuddered. The moment was not included in the broadcast, but, obviously, the Orenburg defender did everything to stop the attacker, grabbing him with his hands.

The next moment is already in the frame: Artyom explains something to the judge. It’s clear that his shirt is torn. Apparently, Artur Fedorov, who played only his third match as the main referee of the RPL, gave a reaction that did not satisfy the striker. He walked to the bench and ripped off his shirt as he walked. From the outside, the player looked very bitter. And furious at what was happening.

Artyom Dzyuba tore his shirt

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

But that is not all. A few minutes after the incident, Dzyuba was already on the field and found himself in his half of the field fighting with Pérez. And then, suddenly, Judge Fedorov shouted at the Argentine in Russian: “Don’t touch him, he doesn’t have a second shirt!”

It is unlikely that Perez understood anything, but he did not damage Artyom’s shirt again. Thus the striker finished the time with his kit intact. And fans received, perhaps, the main meme of the tour.

Interview with the captain of Loko:


“If I don’t go to Europe, I will become the new era Loskov and end up in Loko.” Frank Barinov

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