The two best clubs in the RPL suffer more often than others because of the referees. Table of referee errors after the eighth round

The two best clubs in the RPL suffer more often than others because of the referees. Table of referee errors after the eighth round

Kirill Zakatchenko September 20, 2023, 07:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

CSKA and Zenit can claim again, and this time Karpin’s team received help.

In the previous round the RPL referees did not make a single mistake, but this time everything was different. “Championship” updates the table with refereeing errors based on Igor Fedotov’s examination.

Important clarification: the table does not take into account minor fouls or the first yellow cards of the match (shown or not). We believe:

how many times referees wrongly awarded or did not award a penalty for or against a team; how many times players were incorrectly sent off (or not sent off at all); a goal was counted incorrectly or disallowed; mistakenly or not, a second yellow card was shown; If the error is corrected by the referee via VAR, it will not be taken into account.

Rafael Shafeev (right) made a mistake not in favor of Zenit


Previous refereeing errors

We publish a table based on the results of each round, so you have the opportunity to track changes. There were no errors in the fifth round.

table after the first round

table after the second round

table after the third round

table after the fourth round

table after the sixth round

table after the seventh round.

Judges’ errors in the eighth round.

Last weekend the referees made three serious mistakes:

Artyom Lyubimov mistakenly showed the second yellow card to CSKA defender Willian Roche in the match against Krylia. Evgeny Turbin mistakenly counted Rostov’s first goal against Baltika, Rafael Shafeev did not show the second yellow card to Rubin’s player Dmitry Kabutov in the match against Zenit.

Igor Fedotov

football referee

“In the 62nd minute, Lyubimov mistakenly showed Roche the second yellow card. The CSKA player played the ball and put his foot on the grass, and the Krylya player put his foot underneath.”

Analysis of the work of the RPL referees in each match of the 8th matchday:

“Impunity in the Spartak match became an explosion.” Analysis of the refereeing on the eighth day of the RPL

Table of judges’ errors after the eighth round.

EquipmentErrors against the teamErrors in favor of the teamDifferenceCSKA30-3Zenit30-3Dynamo10-1Sochi10-1Baltika10-1Paris NN110Spartak000Krasnodar000Orenburg000Ural000Rostov »12+1″Rubin”01+1″Torch”12+1″Lokomotiv”01+1″Wings of the Soviets”02+2″Akhmat”03+3

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