The series “Major” and “Method” will receive a continuation after a long break. Priluchny and Khabensky will return to business

Photo: Frame from the film.

Konstantin Khabensky, awarded the Order of Honor of the President of Russia, returns to the role of the eccentric drunken detective Rodion Meglin, who was murdered and hidden in a psychiatric hospital, but nothing helped. He will again appear in the image of a large law enforcement officer with heightened senses in the third season of the project, whose work he has already begun.

Photo: Frame from the film.

The third season of “Method” will be directed by Maxim Polinsky (“Trotsky”, “Yolki. The Last”, “Pop”, Major). The producer said that viewers will see new episodes of the psychological thriller, even though the story seemed to be finished in March 2021: Meglin, together with Yesienieja (Paulina Andreeva), as the people’s avengers, went in search of the murderers. your own. Without official permission from the police agency they worked for.

Photo: Frame from the film.

At the same time, it became known that another flagship Channel One project (and also a detective story), “Major”, would be extended for a fifth season. In addition, a third feature film will be shot based on the events in the universe of this police story. Pavel Priluchny, who played the spoiled son of an oligarch in the first season of the project in 2014, will continue to work on the project.

Photo: Frame from the film.

Although fans of the project were sure that the fourth season of “Major” would be the last, because it had a happy ending: the hero Priluchny (Igor Sokolovsky) found out who killed his parents, 9 years after the incident, and took revenge on they. At the same time, Sokolovsky’s former lover, the head of the homicide department, Rodionova (Karina Razumovskaya), died, leaving behind a daughter, Sonya.

Photo: Frame from the film.

Apparently, in the new episodes the oldest will focus on raising his daughter. He is currently working on the scripts “Major-5” and “Method-3”. Channel One does not yet have information about the projects.


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