The Russian brand Revalú changed its brand and showed a new collection

Date: September 19, 2023 Time: 22:53:03

Russian clothing brand Revalú changed its name and created a new fall collection, and the brand’s boutique moved to Patriarch’s Ponds. The space, like the collection itself, reflects the character of the brand and the main values: self-realization, courage, inner strength and inspiration for good deeds.

The brand appeared in 2017 due to the founders’ great desire to protect animals from exploitation in the fashion industry. Until now, the main principle when creating each collection is minimal harm to wildlife. Revalú’s new slogan, “Only for superwomen,” signifies the belief that customers, having believed in their cherished dreams, will definitely make them come true.

The collection includes textured eco-leather trench coats, cashmere and Italian wool coats and suits. All materials were purchased from Italian stocks: the collection is made from leftover fabrics from luxury fashion houses.

We remember that previously Restoration: the chain of hardware stores and electronics stores announced a large-scale rebranding. The two-color re:Store logo with two dots in the middle has changed to a more solid restoration logo with two dots at the end. The move of the sign symbolizes the transition of the stores from the single-brand format to the multi-brand format.

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