The first half of City and Crvena will go down in history. Are these numbers really real?

The first half of City and Crvena will go down in history. Are these numbers really real?

Grigory Telingater September 20, 2023, 00:42 Moscow time

Cosmic statistics of strikes and anomalous scores. But then the Serbian goalkeeper “swam”.

Manchester City and Red Star had an incredible first half. The treble winners literally destroyed their opponents on their own field. The entire match took place in the visiting field. The British had moment after moment. In the first half, all City’s outfield players in the starting eleven scored on goal, except Dias.

Haaland hit the crossbar in the 25th minute and wasted several more chances. It was as if the match from the last day of the Premier League continued, in which the Norwegian did not take advantage of a large number of chances in the West Ham goal. For 45 minutes it seemed that City were about to score, but the Estrella footballer scored!

Osman Boukari faced the City goalkeeper and, without getting close to him, shot accurately. The assistant chief referee seemed not to believe this was possible and raised the flag. However, VAR officials watched the replay and saw that the goal was scored according to the rules. The Red Star players rejoiced as if they themselves did not believe what was happening.

Curiously, a few minutes before the lost goal, Guardiola made a change. Bernardo Silva left the field in the 44th minute and was replaced by Jeremy Doku, who had played strongly in the previous game for City. Due to the departure of the Portuguese it did not seem that he was being replaced due to injury. The coach’s decision was probably based on the game. Although it was in football where the locals were completely superior to their rivals.

Immediately after the break everything fell into place. Literally, City’s first attack ended in a goal. Haaland was not good at finishing attacks, but he gave a great assist to Álvarez’s play. The Argentine dribbled past the goalkeeper and mockingly rolled the ball towards the goal (although, apparently, he didn’t quite get it right).

And soon City also scored the winning goal. It is entirely on the conscience of Red Star goalkeeper Omri Glaser. Álvarez’s free kick was a cross more than a shot. The goalkeeper barely touched the ball with his fist, which flew towards the goal. A big mistake. The doorman, realizing what he had done, immediately grabbed his head.

Well, Rodri’s goal in the 73rd minute closed the question of the winner. City’s Spanish defensive midfielder dribbled past his opponent and fired cleanly into the far corner. There are no special questions for the goalkeeper here.

Thus, in Group G, City and Leipzig occupy first place. Teams with identical scores won the first group matches. In the next round of the Champions League, Guardiola’s team will travel to Germany.

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