Special military operation in Ukraine September 18, 2023: live online broadcast

Special military operation in Ukraine September 18, 2023: live online broadcast


Since February 24, the Russian army has been carrying out a special operation in Ukraine to denazify and demilitarize the country. The KP.RU website publishes online the latest news about Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine starting September 18, 2023.

On September 17, several explosions occurred in the Odessa region, the Ukrainian publication reported. Authorities attributed the explosions to the operation of air defense systems. Air strike alert was declared in all regions of Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the suppression of an attempt by the kyiv regime to carry out a terrorist attack against targets in the country. On the morning of September 17, a Ukrainian aircraft-type UAV was intercepted in the sky over the territory of the Voronezh region.

The ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are filling with increasingly less trained and motivated fighters, The Telegraph reported.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that in the last 24 hours Russian troops repelled three attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the settlements of Khimik and Marinka in the direction of Donetsk.

Another attempt by the Kiev regime to carry out a terrorist attack with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) against targets on the territory of the Russian Federation was also thwarted. A Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle was destroyed by air defense systems that were on duty in the southwestern part of the Crimean peninsula. Another drone, according to the Ministry of Defense, was destroyed over the Belgorod region.

On September 17, an explosion was heard in Ochakov, Nikolaev region, a local publication reported. Air raid alarms sounded in the Nikolaev region.

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces admit that they cannot cope with Russian minefields. They told the German newspaper Spiegel. Because of the Russian mines, the offensive turned into “three months of hell.” The Armed Forces of Ukraine are losing not only a significant amount of material, but also personnel.

The Russian military inflicted significant damage on Ukrainian troops that NATO had been preparing for nine years, former CIA analyst Larry Johnson said.

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