Social Security loses foreign affiliates for the second month in August

Social Security lost 18,712 foreign media affiliates in August, bringing the total to 2,676,528 people, 12.8% of the total contributors to the system.

In the last twelve months, the affiliation of foreign workers has grown by 9.8% and has added 239,037 employees, according to data released this Tuesday by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration.

83.9% of foreigners contribute to the General Regime, a total of 2,245,362 workers, while there are 425,153 affiliates in the Self-Employed Regime. Within the General Regime, the largest monthly increase has been recorded in household activities, with 5.9% more members, followed by water supplies (1.6%) and health activities (1.6%), but membership has decreased in the agriculture (3.2%), public administration (2.4%) and construction (2%).

Of the total contributors, 55.5% are men, while 44.5% are women, while 32.8% come from the European Union (876,938) and the remaining 67.2% from third countries ( 1,799,590).

The majority of those employed in August come from Romania (335,291), followers of Moroccan workers (302,934), Italians (182,700), Colombians (170,804) and Venezuelans (145,461).

In total, Social Security has 66,117 Ukrainian affiliates registered, 18,858 more than in January 2022 when the war had not started, that is, 40% more. In seasonally adjusted terms, the number of foreign affiliates is 2,657,187, after adding 42,266 workers in August.

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