Shufutinsky lost 18 kilos after his young wife called him old and fat

Mikhail Shufutinsky and his wife Svetlana.


Mikhail Shufutinsky recently surprised the public with his transformation: the artist lost almost half his weight. The successful performer lost 18 kilograms around September 3. During a meeting with fans, the singer explained what prompted him to take care of her weight. It turns out that he decided to go on a diet after the reproaches of his young wife.

In 2020, Shufutinsky married his long-time lover, dancer Svetlana Urazova. The wife is 24 years younger than the artist. For his sake, Shufutinsky completely changed his lifestyle and went on a diet.

“She said: ”You’re fat, old, boring and disgusting,” the artist said in the program “You won’t believe it!”

Svetlana’s reproaches hurt Shufutinsky and she decided to take care of herself.

“She said, ‘You’re not enough, not in sex or in life. Immediately abandon your lifestyle,” says the artist.

The wife gave the artist separate meals. He eliminated fatty foods, bread and sugar from his diet, replacing them with lean meats and steamed vegetables. The result was immediate: today the artist looks noticeably slimmer and younger.

Svetlana worked as a dancer in a group of musicians. According to the artist, he sought attention from him for almost 25 years, but at that time he was married. Later, Svetlana supported him during a difficult period when he lost his wife. This is the artist’s third marriage.

Mikhail Shufutinsky first married his friend Tatyana Rostova. The artist’s second wife was Margarita Shufutinskaya: they married in 1971. The couple lived in the United States and Russia. The artist’s wife died in 2015 in Los Angeles due to a serious illness.

The eldest heir to the chansonnier, David, lives with his family in Moscow and is engaged in sound production for films. David gave the singer three grandchildren.

The artist’s youngest son, Anton Shufutinsky, lives in the United States. He is married to an American, Brandi, and they have three children. Shufutinsky’s youngest son teaches at the university.

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