Shevchenko failed to regain UFC bantamweight title – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: September 17, 2023 Time: 12:13:12

In March of this year, the Mexican unexpectedly defeated Shevchenko, strangling her in the fourth round. At the UFC Fight Night 227 tournament in Las Vegas, the representative of Kyrgyzstan was eager for revenge.

Shevchenko looked a little better as the fight went on. She worked on her feet, threw good punches, and was very dangerous in hand-to-hand combat. The Mexican was not left in debt. Only at the end of the fifth round did the former champion make a mistake, so Grasso was able to “recover” and land many blows.

According to the results of five rounds, one referee gave the victory to Grasso (48-47), the other to Shevchenko (48-47). And the third clearly did not want the former champion to win and gave him a 47-47 draw, and gave the fifth round to the Mexican with a score of 10-8, although the other two judges scored it 10-9. . Grasso retained the title.

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