Sergei Nosov takes over as governor of the Magadan region – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: September 18, 2023 Time: 11:29:16

During the inauguration ceremony he swore to respect, guarantee and protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, comply with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Charter of the Magadan Region and faithfully serve the people.

Sergei Nosov noted that he came to the region five years ago on behalf of the country’s president, Vladimir Putin. During this time, the region has achieved certain successes, which the head of the region considers to be the result of joint work of federal, regional and municipal structures, as well as all residents of Kolyma.

“I see how the eyes of our residents are burning, because the situation in the region is gradually changing. And in all this people also see the results of their work. Together we will cope with any task that the President of the country gives us, and together “We will do even more,” said the governor.

Recall that Sergei Nosov was elected for the second time to the position of head of the region. In May 2018 he was appointed interim governor by presidential decree and on September 9, 2018 he won the elections. This year, the residents of the region once again supported his candidacy. In the elections held from September 8 to 19, Nosov obtained 72.39 percent of the votes, representing the United Russia party.

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