See if you have this furniture and earn money on Wallapop: they are the top sellers of the app

Wallapop is the most used application for buying and selling used and second-hand items in Spain. In 2023 it celebrates its tenth birthday and has offered some data that is very interesting, since it helps us to know which are the best sellers and, incidentally, to get an idea of ​​which ones we can put up for sale to make some money. In this decade, more than 17 million users have given a second life to more than 640 million products. It should be noted that more than 100 million new advertisements are published each year.

Among the data that we can highlight, we know that the first item sold on Wallapop was a coffee maker. And the most desired are sunglasses, party dresses, leather bags, jeans and t-shirts. There are more and more people who choose to dress in used clothes to get cheaper outfits. On the podium of the most searched fashion brands are Zara, Tous and Bershka. As for mobile phones, those from the Samsung Galaxy family lead sales every year.

Furthermore, if we want to be closer to selling a product, Wallapop has announced that users are most active on Mondays, the peak time is 8:00 p.m. and January is the favorite month. This is because many users put unused royal gifts for sale and others take advantage of it, since the price is interesting. In addition, October is the month in which wedding dresses are sold the most on the platform. Finally, Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia are the three communities in which the most transactions are carried out.

The best-selling furniture on Wallapop

First of all, sofa beds are the furniture with the most suitors in the application within the Home and Garden category. There are hundreds published, of all styles, sizes and colors. One of the ‘tricks’ to sell our products more easily is, in addition to setting a competitive price, including a detailed description with its characteristics and condition. For example, advertise that it is a one-seater and is barely used or that it is a three-seater and is very used, so it is cheaper and could be used, for example, for a second residence.

You must also fill out the information requested by the application so that they appear in the filters most used by buyers. For example, IKEA sofa beds are highly sought after, such as the FRIHETEN, HEMNES or VILASUND models, among others.

The second most requested item in the Home and Garden category are dining tables. In this case, the variety of prices is much greater, since there are from 40 euros to 800. You only need to do a search in the application to see a multitude of ads with wooden tables of different styles, so the options for Finding buyers looking for a cheap table that fits the style of their living room is quite likely.

And finally, dining chairs are the third best-selling item in the Home and Garden category. In fact, many of them are sold together with the tables to form a complete dining room. But this is not always the case, since they can be purchased both together and separately. There are modern, classic, wooden, material, padded… In addition, many users buy a single one that has broken, while others buy the entire pack of four or six to give a new look to their living room.

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