Russia withdraws from Barents/Euroarctic Council – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: September 19, 2023 Time: 02:11:57

On Smolensk Square it was stated that for thirty years the association remained “a useful and effective format for cross-border interaction that contributed to the maintenance of peace and stability in the North.” However, Western members of the council effectively “paralyzed” its activities by suspending cooperation with Moscow in March last year amid the Special Military Operation. Finland has not confirmed its readiness to transfer the presidency of the BEAC to Russia in October 2023. Thus, in Helsinki the principle of rotation in the organization was violated and preparatory activities were prevented.

“The responsibility for the collapse of the Barents cooperation architecture lies entirely with our ‘partners,’ concluded the Russian Foreign Ministry. In the meantime, Russia will continue to implement national tasks in the region and is open to a constructive dialogue, the Ministry stated. it’s a statement.

Recall that the creation of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council was initiated by Oslo and Moscow in 1992. A year later, the foreign ministers of the Nordic countries and Russia signed the Kirkenes Declaration, which proclaimed the creation of the Council, the directions of its work and its geography. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and the European Commission agreed to cooperate in the areas of environmental protection, economy, transport and communications, and also agreed to promote scientific and technological progress and ensure intercultural exchange and the preservation of human rights. . of the indigenous population of the North.

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