“Ruby” – “Rostov”. Valery Karpin controls his nerves

On September 20, the match of the fourth round of the group stage of the Russian Cup “Rubin” – “Rostov” will take place. The game starts at 17:15 Moscow time. Fonbet experts have already made a prediction, they consider the hosts as favorites: you can bet that Kazan will win with an odds of 2.30. The success of the Rostovites was evaluated by experts on 3.10. Tie bets are accepted at 3.60.

Odds of bookmakers for the Russian Cup match “Rubin” – “Rostov” on September 20, 2023

Analysts are confident that the Rubin – Rostov match will be productive: a total of more than 2.5 goals costs 1.82, and a total of less than 2.5 goals costs 2.05. If the hosts score, the odds will be 1.23. An away goal is available at odds of 1.32. You can bet on “both will score” for 1.68 on the Fonbet line, and to register the bookmaker gives you free bet 2000 rubles.

Analysis and forecast for the match on matchday 4 of the group stage of the Russian Cup “Rubin” – “Rostov” (09/20/2023)

The matches of matchday 8 of the Russian Premier League are behind us. Three matches on matchday 4 of the group stage of the Russian Cup are scheduled for September 20. In one of them, at the Ak Bars Arena stadium in Kazan, Rubin and Rostov will compete. The starting whistle will sound at 17:15 Moscow time.

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In eight matches of the Russian Championship, Rubin only defeated Krylya Sovetov (2:1). They tied with Lokomotiv (2-2), Orenburg (1-1) and Dinamo (2-2). The Kazan team lost to Spartak (1-4), only to Rostov (0-3), Pari NN (1-2) and Zenit (0-3).

After the meeting with the St. Petersburg team, Rashid Rakhimov was not satisfied with the refereeing. In his opinion, Wilson Isidore was offside when he scored the first goal. The coach also highlighted an episode in which Mirlind Daka, who was about to take the lead, was grabbed by the shirt, but no infringement was recorded.

Rakhimov stressed that these moments can be key. Many will not agree with him. Of course, the quickly conceded goal affected the mood of the Kazan team. However, initially his game did not have an idea that could take points from the current RPL champion.

Rubin’s leadership so far trusts and supports Rakhimov. However, how long will patience last? In the Russian Cup, the Kazan team is doing no better than in the RPL. In three games they only beat Ural (2-1). First we lost to Rostov (0-1) and then to Lokomotiv (0-1).

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Despite the fact that Valery Karpin used mainly very young players, in addition to Rubin, Rostov beat Lokomotiv in the Russian Cup (2:1) and lost to Ural (0:1). The young Rostov footballers showed themselves very well. They played especially well on defense. There were relatively few errors.

The recent international break was beneficial for the yellows. They interrupted a series of three defeats, drawing away from home with Baltika (2-2). The Rostovites had every chance to win. In the 85th minute they already led 2:0, but in the end the rival took the initiative and managed to equalize the score.

Karpin noted in a post-match interview that his team only lacked calm. Everything was under control, but towards the end of the match the Rostovites began to fear defeat. Because of this, players began to lose the ball and make mistakes. Can they control their nerves this time?

In the next game he should be calmer. The fact is that Rostov’s main defender, Maxim Osipenko, has recovered from his injury. It is the absence of it that is associated with the decline of the yellows. In the last round match of the RPL, Karpin did not dare to release only the player who had left the hospital. But this time it is possible that he will appear on the field.

Therefore, even though the match will be played in Kazan, there is more belief in the victory of the Rostovites. You can bet that they will not lose in regulation time and the total is less than 4.5 goals with odds of 1.83 on the Fonbet line. The bookmaker gives to everyone who registers free bet 2000 rubles.

Now it is even more unlikely that the Kazan team will win. They made up to five new signings in the last days of the transfer market. Rakhimov said on this topic that he would have to write it all under time pressure. A large number of unplayed newcomers is not good. Especially on the eve of the Russian Cup match, in which team depth plays an important role.

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It is also worth noting that the Rostovites have a better balance between power in attack and reliability in defense. In eight games in the RPL they scored 10 goals. They themselves conceded 16. Quite a few, but Osipenko was absent in six of those games. With him, the statistics would probably be much better. During the same period, Kazan scored nine goals and conceded 18.

Predictions and bets for the Russian Cup match “Rubin” – “Rostov” on September 20, 2023

This season, the teams played two head-to-head matches, in which Rostov won. Support from the home stands is unlikely to help the Kazan team avoid defeat this time. Only two wins in 11 games this season are nothing serious. Rakhimov does not fulfill his responsibilities. The Barça defensive leader has recovered from his injury. In addition, the break for national team matches helped them regain strength. With new energy, the Rostovites will probably at least not lose to Kazan in regulation time, but we don’t expect many goals. Bets that Rostov will not lose and the total will be less than 4.5 goals are accepted at Fonbet for 1.83 and are given away upon registration. free bet 2000 rubles.

Tender: “Rostov” will not lose and the total will be less than 4.5 goals for 1.83.

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