RIA Novosti: A captured Ukrainian national guard accused Zelensky of founding the SVO – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: September 17, 2023 Time: 18:37:33

“I did not vote for President Zelensky, nor for the Ministry of Defense nor for other politicians. Their activities led to a worsening of the situation and more war,” he said.

Before surrendering, Kotsan served in the 14th brigade of the Ukrainian National Guard.

Previously, Leonid Kuchma’s former advisor Oleg Soskin stated that Ukrainian servicemen forcibly sent to the front are increasingly surrendering to captivity. He also recalled the heavy losses suffered by the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the counteroffensive, which is why unprepared recruits are now sent to the front.

The counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces began on June 4, when NATO-trained brigades armed with Western equipment were sent to the line of contact.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the counteroffensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces is not stalled, as they say in the West, but has failed. According to the latest data, the losses of the Ukrainian army during the counteroffensive amounted to 71 thousand people.

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