Playing the classics: everything you need to know about the new Ecco collection – Sculpted

Date: September 19, 2023 Time: 21:25:18

We return to work mode in a beautiful and light way, with new models from the classic Ecco collection. The sculpted shoes, ankle boots and boots not only follow the trends of the autumn season, but also guarantee comfort and comfort all day long: thanks to a stable heel, anatomically correct shape and removable insoles. But first things first.

The Sculpted XL55 heel is elegant, with soft lines and a round toe that evokes retro style. The model comes in matte black and patent leather, as well as white with a contrasting sole. The seamless Ecco Fluidform outsole adds flexibility to this pair to better adapt to the shape of your foot, while the rubber outsole provides stability on all surfaces.

The boots also received a renewed look. Judge for yourself: they were raised to two heights at once, 35 and 55 mm, equipped with an original diagonal zipper and a lot of attention was paid to the texture. A patent leather and combination model was added to the basic smooth leather. Another novelty are the Sculpted LX 55 mid-season boots made of soft and elastic nappa leather (smooth and textured) with a high shaft. Bonus: Removable insoles help adjust the fit to fit the fullness of your feet.

What’s especially cool is that the entire collection is created taking care of nature and using brand innovations, including Ecco DriTan, a tanning technology that saves up to 25 million liters of fresh water per year.

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