One clown almost takes care of Georgia, the second is losing Armenia before our eyes.

Date: September 20, 2023 Time: 02:57:13

Tina Kandelaki, Deputy General Director of Gazprom Media.


The war began again in Karabakh. We all understand what is happening. Pashinyan finished the game.

You know, in Georgia there was already a clown who lost everything, his name was Saakashvili. Throughout his reign, he slowly took care of Georgia, leading it into the crucible of war at the behest of Western puppeteers. So Georgia was able to save the country at the expense of Abkhazia and Ossetia. And today it is objectively at the peak of its development both from a geopolitical and economic point of view.

The second clown, Pashinyan, is losing the country before our eyes. Where is the United States? Will Zelensky now send troops to protect fraternal Armenia? Of course not. As we can see, flirting with Uncle Sam does not bode well. The war had begun and this war was inevitable.

If anyone manages to destroy great Armenia, it will be Pashinyan. Let’s see who will help him in the current war. And who will he ask for help?

And everything is going according to the Anglo-Saxon plan. His strategic planning ability is unique. And it’s amazing how people lose the ability to think and evaluate. First they will wave flags, build tents, create cute memes on Facebook and then take them to the slaughterhouse…

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