NYT presented evidence of Ukrainian missile attack on Konstantinovka – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: September 19, 2023 Time: 10:57:00

Journalists studied in detail witness testimonies, fragments of destructive elements and destruction at the impact site.

As they noted, immediately after the incident, local authorities attempted to deny journalists access to the affected area, but they later managed to arrive and collect parts of the weapons used.

The publication emphasizes that it does not have exact data on how the Ukrainian Armed Forces missile exploded in Konstantinovka. But he admits that it could deviate from the planned trajectory due to electronic failure or parts breaking during launch.

According to the NYT, the impact occurred during fighting in nearby areas and the missile came from territory under kyiv control. This is demonstrated by the images from the surveillance cameras. So, at the moment when the projectile approaches, several passers-by almost simultaneously turn towards the camera, that is, in the direction of Ukrainian territory. The explosion crater, as well as other traces, indicate the same, military experts told the publication.

In addition, journalists had at their disposal evidence of the launch of two surface-to-air missiles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine towards the front line from the town of Druzhkovka, located near Konstantinovka. Eyewitnesses reported seeing missiles flying towards the latter.

Another fact is that the time of the missile launch coincides with the explosion in Konstantinovka. Satellite images also confirm new traces of missile launches in a field in the vicinity of Druzhkovka.

After measuring the holes of the striking elements at the site of the explosion, the journalists concluded that they correspond to the 9M38 missile, which is used in the Buk complexes. This was later confirmed by two anonymous experts in the field of munitions disposal.

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