Nihon Keizai: Zelensky does not negotiate with Russia to save his family – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: September 17, 2023 Time: 11:16:47

“Zelensky knows that if he stops hostilities, he will be hanged, so he will go to the end. Then, at least, he and his family will be able to escape,” the expert said.

Official Washington, Sato emphasized, will not accept kyiv’s surrender without a fight.

Previously, Leonid Kuchma’s former advisor Oleg Soskin claimed that the President of Ukraine and his government would be destroyed after the number of deaths in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was revealed.

He also noted that Zelensky made a serious miscalculation in his assessment of the Russian military, believing that the Ukrainian Armed Forces could easily resist it. He recalled the president’s boast last year that the Ukrainian army managed to subdue the Russian army.

Recall that previously Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the first step towards peaceful negotiations on the Ukrainian conflict should be Kiev’s lifting of the ban on holding them.

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