New scandal with fighters. The Top Dog star carried out a massacre without forgiving the woman

Lately, news about certain offenses by combatants has begun to appear much more frequently than we would like. In the last month alone, we’ve learned that AMC Fight Nights champion Vagab Vagabov was apparently involved in a shooting, popular Chechen wrestler Shovkhal Churchaev instigated a massive fight at a mall, and Bare Knuckle star Sadudi Srimoan , is suspected of stealing a watch. . If you dig even deeper, you can easily collect a dozen more such “performances.”

Now Igor Ionov, nicknamed Imelya, has joined this company, performing in the Top Dog fistfighting league. Moreover, this is not an ordinary representative of the organization, but one of the brightest and most interesting fighters there. According to the SHOT telegram channel, on Sunday night Imelya visited one of the capital’s karaoke clubs called “Galaktika” and took part in a massive fight. Furthermore, Igor was one of the instigators. He got into a fight with another visitor to the establishment over a girl, and the fight later led to a beating, when his friends came to Ionov’s aid. A couple noticed the fight and tried to stop it.

First the man intervened and they also started hitting him, and only then the woman, but even she understood it. In the end, only the police stopped the massacre, and even then with difficulty.

Ionov is now accused of resisting officers during arrest and causing damage to police equipment and special vehicles. But this is for now, because there is no information about statements from the victims or understanding about what measures will be applied to the fighter, but there is no doubt that this will happen. A woman who tried to save her husband and stop the fight was taken to the hospital with a concussion, and the other victims were also sent to film the beatings. Ionov himself escaped unharmed.

Shovkhal Churchaev caused a scandal in the shopping center:

“The kids think it’s possible.” Shovhal attacked the hater and started a massive fight in the mall.

The situation itself is not healthy. What’s even worse is that the wrestlers are not only involved in scandals, but they are directly at the center of it all. This is a problem not only for Russian boxers and wrestlers. Even UFC fighters, where they are very image-conscious, often show their dark side and get into fights. This is the case, for example, of Ilya Topuria, who hit a man in a bar. Nate Diaz, although not currently a fighter for the promotion, overall was and still is a champion in his ability to fight anywhere.

It is necessary to eradicate these incidents, but impunity causes permissiveness; combatants use force in the wrong places. This simply cannot be done, even if there are provocations. It is worth remembering that you are a professional fighter and your careless action can lead to very disastrous consequences. Here, in the case of Imelya, they even managed to beat the girl, and so far there has been no punishment. Ionov himself, judging by social networks, is no longer in the police station and calmly lives his life.

This happens often, scandals are silenced and, apparently, they will continue to be silenced until something tragic happens. Perhaps the leagues in which wrestlers compete could partially solve the problem. For example, through large fines for those who, with their actions, in one way or another cause damage not only to other people, but also to the image of the organization.

The Hardcore fighter defended the girl, but was injured:

A Dagestan fighter saved a girl from hooligans. He dispersed the crowd, but was injured. Video

Of course, there are also opposite situations. Jakhar Mazhidov from Hardcore literally a few days ago defended a girl and was stabbed in the stomach. Fortunately, everything is fine for him, his life is not in danger and the attackers have already been arrested. This is an example of when a fighter uses his skills correctly and, consequently, people’s attitude towards him is different. I would like the fighters to follow the example of similar actions in the future.

Ionov himself told not long ago how in Sochi he almost got into a fight and explained that such conflicts should be resolved peacefully: “There was such a wide guy walking, he hurt everyone with his shoulder and they still apologized. him. I approached him and also touched him with my shoulder. Word by word he told me: “Come on, let’s go out.” Well, let’s go, he walks out the door, I close it and that’s it, goodbye. “I told the security guard not to let him in anymore.”

Here Igor, apparently, decided to deviate from the proven plan and a loud scandal occurred.

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