Netflix has announced the premiere date of the series “Berlin”, a spin-off of “Money Heist”

Date: September 19, 2023 Time: 16:52:05

The streaming service Netflix published a video in which it announced the release date of the series “Berlin.” It will become a spin-off of the acclaimed Money Heist. Its premiere will take place on December 29.

The show will take place before the events of the original project. The plot will tell about the life of the thief Andrés de Fonojosa, better known as Berlin. The hero’s main objective is to rob the French auction house Chez Vienot. “The plan: steal 44 million euros in one day,” reads the synopsis of the project.

Electronics specialist Keila, philanthropy professor Damian, a devout boy named Roy, rebellious Cameron and daring Bruce will help Berlin complete his adventure. The series will consist of eight episodes. The directors will be Albert Pinto, David Barrocal and Geoffrey Cowper. Written by Esther Martinez Lobato and Alex Pina, showrunner of Money Heist.

The role of Berlin will once again be played by Pedro Alonso. In addition to him, the project stars Spanish actors Michel Henner, Tristan Ulloa and Begoña Vargas. It is still unknown if other Money Heist characters will appear in the spin-off.

Previously, a trailer for Wes Anderson’s film “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” appeared on Netflix’s YouTube channel. The film will premiere on September 27 on the Netflix streaming service. The film will tell a story created by writer Roald Dahl.

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