Mutua Madrileña relaunches its savings insurance with a profitability of 3.5%

Date: September 19, 2023 Time: 16:44:21

The war for more conservative savings continues to add new adversaries. Mutua Madrileña has just renewed its savings insurance and has launched the Savings Plan Plus Fidelidad IV, a life-savings insurance with a guaranteed gross return of 3.50% during the first year (the return net of expenses will be 3%). . Subsequently, the entity will set the guaranteed interest rate on a quarterly basis. In this way, it rivals in remuneration with the best deposits offered at the moment, whose gross interest is around 3%, and is close to what Letters pay.

The new product marketed by Mutuáculos has a risk level of 1, the lowest on the financial thermometer, where the highest level is 6. “At Mutua Madrileña we want to cover the growing demand of savers looking for low-cost investment products.” risk. In this sense, Plan Ahorro Plus Fidelidad has become a successful vehicle, of which we are now launching the fourth edition,” comments Marta León, director of the life insurance area at Mutua Madrileña.

Likewise, savings insurance can be purchased from 750 euros and allows you to make additional contributions for at least the same amount. As it is a savings insurance, it includes a benefit for the death of the insured, in which case the beneficiaries will receive the savings existing at that time, plus an additional capital of 10% of the savings accumulated at the beginning of each annuity (with a maximum of 1,200 euros ). s).

Regarding taxation, savings insurance is taxed exclusively when a partial or total reimbursement is made for the income generated, which is considered income from movable capital. The death benefit is taxed by the Inheritance and Donation Tax. In addition, the Savings Plan Plus Fidelidad IV applies a commission on the mathematical provision of 0.50%, which is already discounted in the net return of 3% guaranteed for the first year and, additionally, a premium for death coverage, the import of which is calculated . depending on the age of the insured

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