Morris’ toxicity and Doncic’s big contract. The authors of the section respond to the comments.

Morris’ toxicity and Doncic’s big contract. The authors of the section respond to the comments.

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How Markif once angered Nikola Jokic and forced him to use force. Is Luca the first person to earn $70 million per season?

What’s going on here? This is a format in which the authors of the “Championship” basketball section respond to interesting comments from readers left in various news and articles. Don’t forget that there are many opinions and it is not at all necessary for someone’s position to coincide with yours, that’s the beauty.

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Markieff Morris criticized Nikola Jokic, but one user called him a “clown.” Basketball section author Andrei Antson’s reaction to dennladen9’s comment


This rude opinion was expressed by a user under the nickname. dennladen9.

News with comment:

Markieff Morris to Nikola Jokic: You’ll still get yours

I will not join the commentator’s words out of courtesy, but you can understand the person’s emotion. In all of Morris’s words there is duplicity and resentment. I think most here remember where “legs grow” from. The reason for the hostile attitude was an episode that occurred in November 2021. Jokic, increasingly impatient with Markieff’s style of play, forcefully pushed the player from behind, knocking him to the ground. As a result, the forward was injured and was out for almost six months.

The video can be seen on the MLG Highlights YouTube channel. Video rights belong to NBA MEDIA VENTURES, LLC.

I wouldn’t want any of the players to suffer injuries, especially serious ones. But Nikola’s action itself does not cause me indignation, but on the contrary, a feeling of satisfaction. Markieff, along with his brother Marcus, has been one of the dirtiest and most aggressive players in the league over the past 10 years. They constantly find themselves in skirmishes and are not ashamed to play rudely or dirty. Of course, it’s good for teams to keep players like these because they have worked in the NBA for many years. But if you behave this way, then you don’t have to pretend to be a victim when something like this ends up happening to you.

It seems like quite a challenge to piss off someone like Jokic. And it was Markif who achieved it. He himself caused this situation; he didn’t have to commit that foul to make such contact. Nikola himself described his behavior in that situation as incorrect, but said that at the moment he saw no other way to protect himself. When you are treated like this, you either defend yourself or allow the aggressor to behave as he pleases. Jokic had the courage and strength to choose the first option.

Two years later, Keefe still holds a grudge against the Serbian star, trying to justify himself. The most significant thing is that he wants revenge. Resentment at his affected sense of his own masculinity blinds him, and rather than draw a conclusion and change, he wants to continue. We’ll wait for the players to meet in person, but I have no doubt that Nikola will be able to hold his own.

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Luka Doncic could be the first person to make $70 million per season in the future, right? The author of the basketball section, Arina Ershova, explains in response to the comments of osipenkoivan and boroda67.

Why is he and not another competent star?

Asked by a user under the nickname sipenkoivan.

According to the rules of the collective agreement.

Answered by user under nickname beard67 to the commenter above.

News with comment:

Dallas leader Luka Doncic could be the first to earn $70 million per season

Can Doncic really get a five-year, $318 million deal? Yes maybe. To qualify for this type of supermax deal, he must play at least 65 games, win an MVP award, DPOY, or make any of the three All-Stars in the upcoming season.

Luka will not be eligible for an extension in the summer of 2024, as he will only have six years of NBA experience at that point (seven required). But if the player meets the individual criteria, he will be able to sign for Supermax a year later. The agreement will come into force in the 2026/2027 season.

And if the salary cap in the league continues to grow annually around 5%, in his last season under contract Doncic will earn more than 70 million dollars, and if in the 2025/2026 and 2026/2027 championships the cap increases by 10 that allows the new collective agreement, in the last year it will receive 83.7 million dollars.

Luka Doncic attended a party in Slovenia:

But will Luka be the first to receive that sum? In theory, no. This is what the author of the original material from which the “Championship” news was written states. But there is at least one player in the league who finds himself in the exact same situation as Doncic: Jaren Jackson Jr.

If he suddenly receives another DPOY award or enters one of the symbolic five, he will be eligible for a five-year, $318 million extension, which will take effect in 2026. Everything is exactly the same as Doncic. And if one earns more than $70 million in a year, the other will earn the same amount. It wouldn’t be entirely correct to name someone first.

Is Doncic the face of the NBA?


The future is in good hands. Who will be the next face of the NBA?

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