More than half of Línea Directa clients are covered against ‘squatting’

Date: September 19, 2023 Time: 15:23:58

More than half of the new policies taken out at Línea Directa incorporate ‘anti-squatting’ coverage. This means improving the data given in July, during the presentation of results for the first semester, when the CEO of Línea Directa, Patricia Ayuela, pointed out that “more than 40%” of the insurer’s clients were including in their home policy . this ‘anti-squatting’ insurance

This success is partly due to price. The coverage costs an additional ten euros per year and offers coverage of up to 33,900 euros and includes the legal part and financial compensation for primary residences, second homes and empty properties illegally occupied.

Línea Directa justifies this product by claiming that this phenomenon is one of the great concerns among Spaniards, since 1 in 4 Spaniards (24%) believe that there are “medium or high” chances of their home being “squatted” and 77% He believes that this phenomenon is already a social problem in the country. Not in vain, only 8% of society thinks that housing “squatting” is a residual phenomenon of no major significance that is usually exaggerated for political reasons, according to data compiled in a study presented this Tuesday.

For Spaniards, housing “squatting” has varied causes: the slowness of justice (28%), the permissiveness of politicians (25%) and the difficulty in accessing housing due to the high price (23% ). ). Furthermore, almost 3 out of 4 citizens (73%) think that the penalties for this type of practices “are very lax” and that “there is no legal certainty.”

According to Mar Garre, Director of People, Communication and Sustainability at Línea Directa Aseguradora, “our direct model has allowed us to detect the great concern that exists in society about the “squatting” of homes. We believe that, as an insurance company, we must provide some solution that helps alleviate the effects of a phenomenon that, without a doubt, can seriously affect those injured.”

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