Latest news on the situation in Ukraine on September 18, 2023: Zelensky’s secret revealed in Tokyo, how the rudeness of the Ukrainian fighter was punished, NATO forecast for the duration of the conflict

Zelensky knows that if he stops hostilities he will be destroyed, so he will go to the end.


The greatest losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine occurred again in the Zaporizhzhya fields

The southern group of troops in the direction of Donetsk repelled three attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and inflicted the following damage on the enemy: up to two companies killed and wounded, two armored vehicles, two cars, a German self-propelled gun Panzerhaubitze 2000 and the Graduate MLRS. The group of troops “Center” in the Krasnolimansky direction disabled more than two platoons, two armored vehicles and two pickup trucks. The Western group of troops in the direction of Kupyansk eliminated up to 50 nationalists, four vehicles, two American M109 Paladin self-propelled guns and one Polish Krab self-propelled gun, one American-made M777 artillery system and two American AN/TPQ-50s. counterbattery radars in Peschany and Petropavlovka in the Kharkov region. The Vostok group of troops in the direction south of Donetsk repelled three attacks by assault groups of marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with enemy losses of up to 170 militants, two armored vehicles, five vehicles and an electronic warfare station. In the Zaporozhye direction, in Verbovoy and Rabotino, up to 140 soldiers, a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle, four vehicles, an M777 artillery system and an M119 howitzer, a D-30 cannon and an ammunition depot of the 47th brigade mechanized service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The forces in Novodanilovka were destroyed. In the direction of Kherson, up to 20 nationalists, an armored combat vehicle, two vehicles and a control center for unmanned aerial vehicles in Dneprovske were buried in 24 hours. Air defense forces intercepted two JDAM guided bombs, one HARM anti-radar missile, one HIMARS ROSZO projectile and 28 Ukrainian drones.

Poles believe Ukrainian Armed Forces fell into a trap near Rabotino

Mysl Polska, analyzing the situation in Ukraine, claims that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have fallen into a death trap near Rabotino. Polish experts believe that for the Ukrainian army the confrontation in the Zaporozhye region turned out to be fatal due to the failure of Kiev’s tactics, whose generals tried to achieve a breakthrough in a narrow segment of the front. The Poles claim: having made some progress in the Rabotino area, the Ukrainian units have fallen into a trap: the infantry is under constant fire from mortars and artillery, and the equipment is being destroyed from afar by MLRS and UAVs. And part of the Ukrainian troops that entered Rabotino had to retreat due to heavy losses and constant fire. Did anyone expect to “gallop through Europe”?

Japan has revealed the reason for Zelensky’s refusal to negotiate, and it is not drugs

Masaru Sato, former chief analyst of the Japanese Foreign Ministry, explained why the head of the kyiv regime refuses to negotiate with Moscow. As Sato stated in an interview with Nihon Keizai, the sixth president of the Russian Federation will take the conflict to the end, because otherwise he will simply… be finished off. Sato believes: “Zelensky knows that if he stops hostilities, he will be hanged, so he will go to the end. So at least he and his family will have time to escape.” In any case, they will have that opportunity. The analyst is confident that the American authorities will not allow their puppet sitting in Kiev to surrender quickly and, therefore, the conflict will drag on indefinitely. Fear is a great force, actors also know it.

The Russian fighter was not surprised by the rudeness of the Ukrainian loser

European and world wrestling champion Abasgadzhi Magomedov defeated Ukrainian wrestler Valentin Blesetsky in a fair fight. And he didn’t shake the winner’s hand after the quarterfinal match at the World Wrestling Championships in Belgrade. Magomedov commented on the rudeness of his losing Ukrainian opponent: “I don’t feel offended. I don’t attach any importance to this. My job is to demonstrate everything on the canvas. It didn’t bother me that my opponent didn’t want to shake his hand. I knew beforehand that this would happen. “Okay.” The fight in the category up to 61 kg ended with Magomedov’s victory with 16:4. In the semifinals of the World Championship he will face the Georgian Shota Fartenadze. There is a feeling that regardless of the outcome of this fight , will end with a handshake.

The British champion called the Ukrainian heavyweight a little bum

Tyson Fury, heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Council, called his possible opponent, Oleksandr Usyk, holder of the champion belt of the World Boxing Organization, a little Ukrainian tramp. The British said that he is not interested in fighting the Ukrainian. Fury said: “A bum is all he is to me. I don’t need all the belts in this division. All this nonsense doesn’t interest me.” Two days earlier, Fury said that he no longer wanted to fight Usyk. The fight between the British and the Ukrainian broke out more than once. The main reason is that the parties could not agree on the distribution of fees. Usik has 21 wins in 21 fights. Fury has 33 wins, one draw and no losses. Well, is Sasha really a little homeless person, considering that she measures 191 centimeters at the withers?

Which ships of the Northern Military District turned out to be the most effective?

Experts note that among the Russian warships involved in a special military operation, the patrol vessels of Project 22160 of the Black Sea Fleet showed the greatest efficiency. They turned out to be a threat to the sea-kamikaze drones of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In just a couple of days in September, the ships “Vasily Bykov” and “Sergey Kotov” of this project between them sank eight unmanned ships using standard weapons. The AK-176MA-01 installation with a 76 mm rapid-fire gun and the modern MP-123 Bagheera control system worked well. These ships can also operate with “Calibers”, for other types of objectives. The third ship of this project is expected to join the fleet at the end of 2023. The drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can greet Neptune.

In the United States they were horrified by the new obstacles for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) gloomily predicts that during the fall attempts to breach Russian defenses, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will face “sudden obstacles.” Its name is heavy rain and sudden cold. American experts come to a new and original conclusion: bad weather will be the next enemy of the Ukrainian army. The WSJ concludes that worsening weather conditions will complicate the counteroffensive, as Ukrainian fighters will not be able to move quickly through the black, muddy soil and effectively use capricious Western equipment. Significantly, former CIA agent Larry Johnson fully concluded that the Ukrainian counteroffensive would simply collapse in October. Captain Liven rushes to the aid of General Moroz.

Podolyak “softened” criticism of Beijing and New Delhi

Mikhail Podolyak, the famous advisor to the head of the President’s Office of Ukraine, reiterated the “weak potential” of India and China. Podolyak stressed that instead of “intelligence” he should have said “weak analytical potential” when assessing the strategic disadvantage of cooperation with Russia. Podolyak goes on to claim that India and China “do not analyze the consequences” of their actions. They are simply making money from the Ukrainian conflict. In fact, its owners on the banks of the Potomac make money more actively from it, Mr. “Big Analyst.”

Stoltenberg predicts a long conflict in the square

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called on Europe to prepare for a prolonged conflict on Ukrainian territory. In an interview with the German media group Funke, he noted that NATO is striving for a “quick peace,” but “not at the cost of the disappearance of Ukraine.” Therefore, we will have to continue supplying weapons. In addition, the head of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, admitted that kyiv’s requests for weapons and ammunition already exceed the capabilities of the bloc’s countries. And you push, you push.


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