“Krasnodar” – “Dynamo”. Sparks will fly in all directions!

“Krasnodar” – “Dynamo”. Sparks will fly in all directions!

Mikhail Korobov September 18, 2023, 09:30 Moscow time

The last two direct confrontations took the fans to ecstasy. Ivich and Lichka will not lower the temperature!

On September 19, the match of the fourth round of the group stage of the Russian Cup “Krasnodar” – “Dynamo” will take place. The game starts at 15:00 Moscow time. Bookmakers in their forecasts give preference to the hosts: you can bet on the victory of the Krasnodar team in bookmakers with odds of 2.20. The success of the Muscovites was evaluated by the experts at 3.10. Tie bets are also accepted at 3.90.

Odds of bookmakers for the Russian Cup match “Krasnodar” – “Dynamo” on September 19, 2023

Bookmakers are confident that the match between Krasnodar and Dynamo will be productive: a total of more than 2.5 goals is equal to 1.50, and a total of less than 2.5 goals is equal to 2.60. If the hosts score, the odds will be 1.15. The away goal is available in betting houses with an odds of 1.23. You can bet on “both will score” for 1.47.

Analysis and forecast for the match on matchday 4 of the group stage of the Russian Cup “Krasnodar” – “Dynamo” (09/19/2023)

The matches of matchday 8 of the Russian Premier League are behind us. On September 19, three matches of the fourth day of the Russian Cup will be played. In the first of them, local Krasnodar will host Dinamo Moscow at the FC Krasnodar stadium. The kick-off is scheduled for 15:00 Moscow time.

Give a Georgian a chance:

Salernitana – Turin. Saba Sazonov waits in the wings

In the Russian championship, Krasnodar remains undefeated. There are only three draws: Lokomotiv (1-1), Fakel (0-0) and Akhmat (1-1). But in the National Cup things are not going well. In three games, the green and black only beat Paris NN (1-0). They lost to Spartak (1-2) and Dynamo (3-4).

It was a shame that Vladimir Ivich’s team lost to the Moscow teams. In the match against the red and white, the key episode was the expulsion of Eduard Spertsyan in the 44th minute. In the match with the blue and white, the “bulls” did not take a penalty and lost it in the end, in the 96th minute.

Despite the defeats, Krasnodar has a good chance of reaching the RPL Path playoffs of the Russian Cup. The difference with Dynamo is only one point. Two of the three remaining games will be played at home. In the other they will face Spartak, which is going through difficult times.

However, Krasnodar’s own players are showing some decline in the latter part of the season. They began to demonstrate an offensive game with less confidence and scored less frequently. In eight RPL games they scored only 12 goals. On the other hand, only three were missing, the least of all.

Fedorov improves CSKA’s hockey:

CSKA – Lokomotiv. Fedorov will put an end to failures

Can Dynamo beat Krasnodar again and strengthen their chances of reaching the RPL Path playoffs of the Russian Cup? The blue and whites do not stay still. They are progressing rapidly under the leadership of Marcel Licka, who last season turned Orenburg into a very strong middle peasant.

In eight matches of the Russian championship, the Muscovites lost only to Krasnodar (1:3). They also tied with Krylia Sovetov (3-3), Rubin (2-2) and Pari NN (1-1). Lichka’s team beat Zenit (3-2), Baltika (2-0), CSKA (2-1) and Rostov (2-1).

In the Russian Cup, Dinamo lost to Pari NN (1-1, 3-4 on penalties) and Spartak (1-4). The performance of the blue and white deserves special mention. In 11 games he scored 22 goals. Seven of them were built between them by Fyodor Smolov and Konstantin Tyukavin. Lichka decided to use center forwards together and he was right.

In the scheme of the Czech specialist, Smolov began to play in the position of attacking midfielder, playing the role of playmaker. The only bad thing is that Lichka’s players fail a lot. In 11 matches, despite the efforts of Anton Shunin and Igor Leshchuk, they scored 21 goals.

This is the main problem with Lichka teams. The coach prefers beautiful, attacking football. He often gives excellent results, but sometimes rivals take advantage of this. Therefore, the best option to bet seems to be HP + TB 3.5 goals at odds of 2.36.

The last three direct confrontations ended like this. It is necessary that this time the teams organize a goal celebration again. Firstly, the coaches will probably again resort to rotation and will not release the main goalkeepers: for Dynamo it is Leshchuk, and for Krasnodar it is Stanislav Agkatsev.

The Brazilians destroy the defense of the Pro League teams:

“Al-Hilal” – “Navbahor”. Malcolm and Neymar: the Brazilian team in action!

In the first match of the group stage of the Russian Cup, the efforts of Leshchuk and Agkatsev were not enough. Between them, the teams scored up to seven goals. Most likely, something similar awaits us this time. Krasnodar and the Muscovites have a very good selection of players in the forward line. Furthermore, they are increasing. We hope there are many goals.

Predictions and bets for the Russian Cup match “Krasnodar” – “Dynamo” on September 19, 2023

Krasnodar has had some problems lately when it comes to opening up the opponent’s defense. However, in the defensively unstable Dynamo stadium, they will probably be able to score two or even three goals, but the answer will not be long in coming. Lichka gave the blue and white an excellent and varied attacking game. His players score a lot. The last three head-to-head meetings were marked by goals from both sides and many goals were scored. I think this time it will be the same.

Tender: both will score and the total will be more than 3.5 goals in 2.36.

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