Inter became the best team in Europe. Now we will show you

The Milan derby was presented as the main match of the weekend after the international break. Milan and Inter started with three wins in Serie A and undervalued everyone in the table. Inter faced the derby without losses, but Milan had problems in defense: Tomori could not play due to disqualification and Kalulya was also injured. Consequently, Simone Inzaghi’s team seemed a little more favored. But just a little.

In fact, Inter destroyed Milan. Maybe 5-1 is too much, but overall Milan painted themselves black and blue absolutely for that purpose. Compared to the Rossoneri, Inter looked like a team of a fundamentally different and higher level.

Inzaghi’s band knew what to do from the first to the last minute. And even the goal that Milan scored came solely thanks to Inter’s carelessness. Darmian slept while Leau shook, and when he woke up, it was too late. In any case, it was a separate episode. There was no turning point in the game before or after.

Let’s add to this that Inter beat Milan for the fifth time in 2023. Let’s also add the Champions League final, in which Inzaghi’s team played in an exemplary way against Manchester City, although in the end they lost. And also victories in the Cup and Super Cup last season. And also get into the top 3, despite the need to play on several fronts. And finally, a strong start to the new season: four wins in four, 13 goals scored and only one goal conceded.

Inter players celebrate a goal

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Today Inter is the best team in Europe. The best, first of all, because it is the most prepared. Inter football is like a Henry Ford production line: no frills, but it works like clockwork. The players in the lineup may change, but the essence remains the same. Inzaghi has perfectly tailored all team interactions and this consistently produces results.

Secondly, Inter has a very deep squad. And in this composition are exactly those that Inzaghi needs. This is not Chelsea, which spent a billion, recruited a bunch of players and now doesn’t understand what to do with them. This is not Lazio, where Sarri literally asks the management for money for transfers because he does not have enough players. Inter has two almost equivalent teams that adapt exactly to football and Inzaghi’s needs. There are not two casts of stars: there are two casts that are needed.

Lautaro Martínez

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Of course, there are people who cannot be replaced without loss of quality. First of all, Lautaro Martínez and Nicoló Barella. But still, players of this caliber can only play at the beginning. It is simply impossible to find people of the same level who are also willing to sit on the bench.

In addition, there are doubts about the central defender. The main player in this position is 35-year-old Francesco Acerbi, in the reserve there is 31-year-old Stefan de Vrij, who is often injured. But in any case, there are two players for the position. Furthermore, thanks to the formation with three central defenders, Inter skillfully hides Acerbi/de Vrij’s weaknesses.

How exactly Inter dismantled Milan:

The derby between Inter and Milan ended in humiliation. I want to see the winning goal for a long time.

The third turtle, on which the planet called “Inter” rests, is the brilliant Giuseppe Marotta. He built Juventus, which for many years did not let anyone come close to the Serie A title. And then he moved to Inter and began to work his transfer magic there.

For several seasons now, the Nerazzurri have been forced to sell their best players to keep their accounts in order. But Marotta makes sure the club makes money and gets results.

Should I sell Lukaku? It doesn’t matter: Dzeko will come and show the youth of his number 188. And Hakimi about to leave? What a great Denzel Dumfries! Will Manchester United give 50 million euros for Onán? We wrap it in gift paper and send it to England. And the substitute is Sommer, which is also good, but he costs eight times less.

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Inter was well above Milan in the Champions League semi-finals. But Inzaghi is not the main character.

Without large amounts of money, Marotta built a team that years later returned to the Champions League and even reached the final, he was once again a great force in Italy and is excellent at turning footballers into money. Regarding the last point, Simone Inzaghi, with whom the players grow, plays a very important role in this.

But it was Marotta who attracted Inzaghi to Inter. And again I saved money, because before Simone, the expensive and hysterical Antonio Conte worked at Inter. So in this case Marotta not only saved money, but also nerves.

Simone Inzaghi

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Today Inter is the best team in Europe in terms of scoring. If you lose first in the match against Inter, be prepared for the fact that you will not get any points. Inzaghi’s team is organized like the models in the big shows in Milan: every step, every movement is verified, everyone knows their maneuver.

Furthermore, Inter are masters of dominating without the ball. This happened with both Milan and Fiorentina before the international break. Inter suffocates its rivals, deprives them of oxygen and condemns them to a long and painful football death. And considering how much time is now being added in Europe, opponents die even more and more painfully.

inter players

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One thing confuses me: at the beginning of the season everything is going too well for Inter. The game is underway, there is a result, the newcomers are already showing themselves, it is seen that there is a great atmosphere within the team. Inter seems to be already at its peak. And it’s only September. Normally, teams with title aspirations reach their peak of form in the second part of the season to decide the key games at the end.

Right now, the key challenge for Inzaghi is making sure his team doesn’t waste everything in the early rounds and dry up too soon. Simone has overcome several difficulties at Inter and it will now be interesting to see if he can face a new challenge.

So far, Inter are impressive. It is unknown how long this will last. But if you suddenly haven’t watched Inter’s matches in the new season, fix it immediately!

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