In which regions is it easier to save for a house? – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: September 19, 2023 Time: 08:07:21

The study shows that residents of Dagestan and Chechnya will have to save the longest for a house: about 20 and 19 years, respectively. Housing prices here are high and wages low. The “long ten” also includes Sevastopol, Ingushetia, the Krasnodar Territory, Crimea, St. Petersburg, the Kaliningrad region, Karachay-Cherkessia and Adygea. They need to save their salary for 13 to 17 years.

Moscow is 11th on the list: it takes 12.7 years to save it.

The easiest way to buy a house is in the regions of Arkhangelsk, Kemerovo and the Jewish Autonomous Region. Here it is necessary to reserve salaries only for 3.4-3.9 years.

On average across the country, the savings period for a house is 6.9 years (the average price of a cottage is 6.3 million rubles, the average salary is 76,604 rubles).

“If we compare the results with the results of a similar study from two years ago, we can see that the average savings period for a private house has decreased: in 2021 it was 8 years. This happened because housing prices increased by only one 25%, and salaries, 46%,” says the portal’s general director Pavel Lutsenko. “Muscovites and residents of St. Petersburg will now have to save 5 years less, residents of the Moscow region – 9 years less, the Krasnodar Territory – almost 7 years, Kaliningrad region – 7.8 years, Sevastopol – for more than 8 years. Thus, private houses in our country have become more accessible to the population.”

The calculations were made taking into account that to buy a house the buyer will save his entire salary and will not use a mortgage.

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