“I hate all of this so much!” The star athlete lost the final and caused an explosion of emotions

The finals of the Diamond League 2023 began in Eugene (USA). On the first day of the tournament, the athletes had a lot of fun. Jakob Ingebrigtsen came close to breaking another world record, Karsten Warholm and Sha’Carri Richardson suffered dramatic defeats and four athletes achieved the best world results of the season. The best start to the Diamond League final!

Very close to the world record!

Jakob Ingebrigtsen this time could not become the number one star of the evening. In the one-mile race, the Norwegian was just 0.6 seconds away from beating Hicham El Guerrouj’s world record, set in 1999. Ingebrigtsen covered the distance in 3:43.73 minutes, breaking the European record, from the Diamond League and the competition. Jacob’s result is the third in history!

But Ingebrigtsen holds the world record for two miles!

In athletics, a world record set 24 years ago was broken. Ingebrigtsen is doing something amazing!

“Did I try to beat the world record? It’s just a coincidence that it was so close. I tried to run as fast as I could. I was hoping to go under 3 minutes and 46 seconds,” Jakob admitted to NRK. “It was more of a test for me. So it doesn’t really matter what time I show. This was a relatively conservative attitude toward the outcome. But I decided to test myself at the end of the race to see what I could do.”

Second place in the race was taken by the American Yared Naguz (3:43.97) with an American record, and third place was taken by the British George Mills (3:47.65). In general, the career with Jacob turned out to be extremely rich in records. All 13 athletes achieved some kind of achievement: whether it was a national or personal record or simply the personal best result of the season. And Rinold Kipkorir Cheruiyot, who finished in fifth place (3:48.06), even updated the under-20 world record!

Fait Kipyegon also attempted to break the world record. The Kenyan only lost 1.5 seconds in the 1,500m race. Fait finished with a result of 3:50.72, updating the competition record. Ethiopia’s Diribe Welteji won silver (3:53.93) and Britain’s Laura Muir (3:55.16) won bronze.

Fait Kipyegon

Photo: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Dramatic defeats

The significant events of the stage in Eugenio were the defeats of the leaders. First it happened to world champion Karsten Warholm. The Norwegian hurdler overtook his main rival in recent years, Rai Benjamin, to the finish line. The American not only defeated Warholm for the second time in his career, but also achieved the world’s best result of the season: 46.39 seconds!

Carsten lost to Benjamin by 0.14 seconds. Third place was taken by the representative of the British Virgin Islands, Kyron McMaster (47.31).

“I hate all of this! I hate everything so much! This makes me very angry and irritated. I came here with one goal: to win. I’ve come a long way this season. I recovered as much as I could, but it took longer than I expected. At the same time, Rai has outdone himself. I have nothing to complain about the race itself. The only thing I want is to win,” Varholm snapped after the finish line. It was a real explosion of emotions: he was so upset!

Warholm proclaimed himself world champion with a scandal:

“The protest came too late.” The Norwegian is champion again, despite a controversial barrier

After Warholm, world champion Sha’Karri Richardson suffered a defeat. And if the Norwegian at least remained on the podium, the American overall finished only in fourth position (10.80). She won the Jamaican Shericka Jackson (10.70). Also finishing in the top three were Marie-Josée Ta Lou of Ivory Coast (10.75) and Elaine Thompson-Hera of Jamaica (10.79).

impact ending

By the end of the season, many athletes were able to become world leaders in their disciplines. The best result of the season in the world, in addition to Raya Benjamín, was updated by the Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas in the triple jump (15.35) and the American Chase Ealy in the shot put (20.76). Winfred Mutile Yavi (8.50.66) also became the best in the world in the 3,000 m steeplechase. The Bahrain representative also set a new Asian and competition record.

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If in the women’s obstacle course the most striking moment was the result of the winner, in the men’s race something unusual happened: an athlete in a cap participated in the race! New Zealander George Beamish decided to surprise the public. To the surprise of fans and rivals, with a headdress, that is, with additional resistance, the athlete placed in the top three! Beamish finished third in 8:14.01 minutes. Kenyan Simon Kiprop Koech won (8:06.26), and Ethiopian Samuel Firewu (8:10.74) won second.

Today, September 17, the second day of the finals will take place in Eugene.

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