“I don’t know how I survived.” Kostomarov’s first interview after amputation and prosthetics

Roman Kostomarov was discharged from the hospital in June: after an operation to remove limbs and prostheses, the Olympic champion was sent home to recover. Since then, he posted many videos from the gym and recorded video messages, but he did not dare to have long and frank conversations with reporters.

Finally, Roman did it and attended the program “The Secret of a Million”, in which he spoke openly with the presenter Lera Kudryavtseva. The producers of the project took advantage of the hot topic and broadcast the interview in two issues. We saw the first one and we are sure that the conversation was open and frank.

We feature quotes from Roman and coach Alexander Zhulin, who led the duo of Kostomarov and Tatyana Navka to Olympic gold in 2006.

The dramatic and moving story of Roman Kostomarov:

“I have lost a lot in this fight against death.” Roman Kostomarov was rescued from the other world

Zhulin – on how he found out that Kostomarov was admitted to the hospital:

“I found out from the news that Roma was in the hospital. I immediately called Tanya Navka and she told me that they give two percent for the Roma to survive. I went to all the churches with my wife. I don’t want to talk about the way she sits here. “It is a true miracle that he is alive.”

About dentures:

“It’s very difficult… Now I have the opportunity to look on my phone, watch videos of how Oksana and I put together a new number, and tears immediately come to my eyes… When you see your legs and arms and how perfect it is the human body is, and how imperfect it is now for me…

We must admit that this is now forever. It doesn’t matter what they did, it doesn’t matter what prosthesis they installed. This will not replace my arms and legs. You can still live without legs, but how can you live without arms? All life is based on this. I got a tattoo on my hand that death is part of life. I actually came across this and stamped my initials on the other hand. Bitsukha appeared in my arms, such an “operational” bitsukha.

Are prostheses an obstacle to returning to the ice?

About alcohol:

“In fact, immediately after the victory in Turin, we flew to Switzerland and the tour began. In the Olympic Village they noticed a little who had what. But they don’t even sell alcohol there. In general, I once had a drinking moment. Right after skating, I drank and couldn’t get to my room. I ate too much… I ended up falling asleep in the hallway, and this caused a bit of panic among the Canadians. They got scared and called an ambulance. Everyone thought something bad had happened to the person. And there is carpet and everything is soft…

Then Zhenya Plushenko came running and woke me up. In general, throughout my career I have been constantly reprimanded. I even got disqualified a couple of times. The coaches didn’t like me, the president of the federation didn’t like me, although his wife respected me as an athlete. In general, it is always necessary to have line and balance. For me, walking is a lot of fun. My friends and I could go in family shorts to meet girls on the subway. Sometimes we got into trouble, they even broke my nose, it was hot outside. But if it was cold, we would still go. I am not ashamed of this, but how else can you become an Olympic champion? Many talented people have lost their prestige in sports because of these things, but I have a core inside me.”

Zhulin – about Kostomarov’s problems with alcohol:

“She was never late for a single training session, unlike Tanya. This always infuriated him, the whole difficulty was that they were two leaders in one harness. It was difficult for the Roma to be husband and wife, we were always together and the Roma remained alone in this triumvirate, and I will honestly say that I prefer to take the side of the Roma. And at home there were always family disputes, Tanya asked me how this happened. And I told him: “You understand, for gypsies it is difficult, they need male solidarity…”

Roman Kostomarov and Tatyana Navka won the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin

Photo: Fyodor Savintsev/TASS

Overall, the only problem was the alcohol. Roma used to come to training angry. At some point I got tired and took penalties. First 100 dollars, then 200 and so on. When he paid 800, that was already the limit. I don’t know where he got this money from, we didn’t earn much, he probably borrowed it. But when we won a medal at the World Championships, I gave him all this money back,” Zhulin said.

About his current wife Oksana Domnina and their temporary separation:

“Even after the birth of the child, I did not consider it necessary to get married. Many acquaintances live without marriage and are happy. Oksana never hinted at marriage. We got an apartment, we had money, a daughter was born. We were happy and we loved each other. Everything was fine, then something started to change, the scandals started and she left. Specifically, she left without hiding anything. She said everything sincerely and that is her great strength. As much as it hurt me, it was a strong move on her part. Although at that moment there was a great shock and surprise… Devastation, flight into the abyss… And at the same time we still have to work…

We lived apart for almost six months and then we discovered what the reasons for the breakup were. But it’s definitely not the fact that I didn’t propose to her on time. I heard a lot of things that I was guilty, that under the influence of alcohol I could behave inappropriately… It seems that girls love hooligans, but a family doesn’t need a hooligan.

Roman Kostomarov and Oksana Domnina

Photo: RIA Novosti

Oksana was opposed to this relationship. She said this couldn’t be done, Yulia was her friend. She didn’t let me get close to her. But then there was a moment of rapprochement in St. Petersburg and Yulia noticed the message I wrote to Oksana. The relationship between them deteriorated, there was a scandal, all the sticks flew in her direction … her parents were very offended and upset. At first mom didn’t take Oksana very well. She said you need to calm down, you can’t live like this. She knew Yulia and her parents very well, she communicated well with them,” it was no longer so easy for Kostomarov to share these details.

About Domnina and her first marriage to Yulia Lautova:

“I fell in love at second sight in 2004. But I got married and I was not free. According to my soul and character, I quickly get used to people and find it difficult to part. Loyalty is also present in me as a person, my wife came first, I didn’t look around. But then a year passed, new circumstances appeared… And after talking a little with Oksana, I realized that I was attracted to this person. And I was persistent…”

So what is the reason Kostomarov gave himself free rein? The fact is that the wife was also suspected of infidelity. “Many circumstances have come to light. I was freed from the desire to be faithful and began to live as before: openly. Also, at some point I felt that something was wrong, she flew to Moscow too often… I suspected something and accidentally saw a dubious message on the computer…,” the skater shared with viewers.

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“It’s a miracle I’m sitting here today.”

“How did I survive? Yes, I myself don’t know how I survived… Honestly, it’s a miracle that I’m even sitting here today, sitting in front of you… And to try to quickly forget what happened to me, although no, not like this. It’s not like forgetting. It is impossible to forget this. But so that there are no secrets, I am willing to reveal my main secret. How I survived all this,” Kostomarov said before the announcement of the upcoming show, which will premiere in a week.

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