How much money does Carlos Sainz earn in F1 as a Ferrari driver?

He was a leader from start to finish. He withstood Mercedes’ final push. And Carlos Sainz’s work was rewarded with victory in the Singapore GP this Sunday, September 1. He thus made history again in Formula 1: this is the second victory of his sporting career and the 34th for Spain, a year after the first in Silverstone. The man from Madrid had a masterful race and this allowed him to pass over Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton, with whom he shared the podium. But how much money does he earn in F1 as a Ferrari driver?

Along with Fernando Alonso, at 29 years old, Carlos Sainz is the other great hope of Spain, a country that became interested in the world of motorsport in 2005. Since then, every time the weekend arrives, there are many who vibrate with Formula 1 races. Although they are likely to have a divided heart: while the Madrid driver is part of Ferrari, the Spaniard signed a multi-year contract with Aston Martin in July 2022. This explains why his salaries are among the highest in motorsports.

It was in 2021 when Sainz began his career with the Italians. Although his contract came to an end the following year, his good results – he achieved fifth place in the table in both seasons – allowed him to renew for two more years with Ferrari in the 2022 World Cup. In this way, the driver of F1 has until August 8, 2023 to show that he is one of the greatest talents on the grid and that he still has much more to give. At the moment, it is not officially known whether or not he will continue with the Scuderia.

How much money does Carlos Sainz earn in F1 with Ferrari?

The contracts of Formula 1 drivers are usually surrounded by great secrecy, which makes it not easy to know how much they earn. However, it is common for there to be leaks or estimates from which the Forbes list compiles the ranking of the highest paid brokers. According to this, Carlos Sainz is in sixth place, with about 11.7 million euros.

The Spaniard arrived at Ferrari in 2021, after having spent two consecutive seasons at McLaren. Throughout this time, he has achieved various successes: 13 podiums, two victories, three pole positions and three fastest laps. Although he is still far from reaching the three highest-paid drivers: Max Verstappen (Red Bull), who earns 51 million euros, seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), who earns 32 million euros, Charles Lecrerc (Ferrari), whose salary It is 22 million euros.

However, it is unknown if the team pays him monthly or if he gets his entire annual salary at the end of the season. Apart from this, if his annual salary is divided into 12 months, Carlos Sainz receives a monthly salary of 975,000 euros for competing with Ferrari. If we are more specific, he earns more than 240,000 euros a week.

How much money does Fernando Alonso earn in F1?

The economic situation of the other Spaniard in the competition, Fernando Alonso, is very different from that of Carlos Sainz, since he occupies third place in the ranking. Only three drivers earn more than him: Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Charles Lecrerc.

‘El Nano’ is in fourth place. When he was at Alpine, it is estimated that he earned a salary of 27.4 million euros in his last campaign with the French brand. Now, this has changed to a large extent since, after his signing for Aston Martin, he earns less: 18.6 million per season. This is why, unlike what was initially believed, his change of team was not due to economic reasons.

Furthermore, it is curious that Alonso earns almost six times more than his teammate Lance Stroll, although his father, Lawrence Stroll, is one of Aston Martin’s major investors. In turn, the Spaniard’s salary is higher than that of Vettel in 2022, who earned nearly three million less.

How much money do F1 drivers earn in 2023?

As previously noted, the highest paid driver in Formula 1 is the two-time world champion Max Verstappen, who earns around 51.17 million euros annually, which means that his salary is 18.6 million euros higher than that of Lewis Hamilton. . If it is divided, the Dutchman earns 4.26 million euros per month.

Likewise, although this is not the only source of income, since sponsors and personal sponsors or even their own businesses must be added, this is the annual salary of the drivers on the Formula 1 grid in 2023:

Max Verstappen (Red Bull): €51.17 millionLewis Hamilton (Mercedes): €32.56 millionCharles Leclerc (Ferrari): €22.33 millionFernando Alonso (Aston Martin): €18.6 millionLando Norris (McLaren) ): 18.6 million eurosCarlos Sainz Jr. (Ferrari): 11.7 million euros Sergio Pérez (Red Bull): 9.3 million euros Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo): 9.3 million euros George Russell (Mercedes): 7.44 million euros Esteban Ocon (Alpine): €5.58 million Pierre Gasly (Alpine): €4.65 million Kevin Magnussen (Haas): €4.65 million Lance Stroll (Aston Martin): €2.8 million Nico Hulkenberg ( Haas): 1.86 million euros Nyck De Vries (AlphaTauri): 1.86 million eurosOscar Piastri (McLaren): 1.86 million eurosGuanyu Zhou (Alfa Romeo): 1.86 million eurosYuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri): €930,000 eurosLogan Sargeant (Williams): €930,000 euros

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