“Good boots, you have to wear them!”: Buzova, Sheik, Alsou, Utyasheva show how to dress in autumn

GlukoZa with huge shoulders looks fashionable in a leather raincoat

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It’s still Indian summer, but cold weather is just around the corner – we’ll show you how to be fashionable this fall in a variety of weather conditions. We select current clothing and trends with stylist Anvar Ochilov.

Yulianna Karaulova and her “relaxed cut” suit

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Yulianna Karaulova does not part with her favorite pantsuits; It seems that she has a multicolored “week” in her dressing room. The seven main colors of the season are all shades of red, fuchsia, brown, milky white, grey, green and black. Well, festive tones: silver or gold, or metallic effect in bright tones. As for the cut of a women’s suit, it is “relaxed.” After the pandemic, office suits began to be made so that they were comfortable and free to move. Voluminous jackets and pants are still in fashion, but stylists recommend paying attention to fitted models.

Irina Shayk showed boots for the fall 2023 – winter 2024 season

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Irina Sheikh wore excellent boots. The model has a very current shoe model. Fashionable shoes for fall 2023 and winter 2024: these are high boots made of leather and suede ; any shoe with a square toe; crude boots with tractor soles; platform ankle boots and boots; creative heels, such as a glass stem, trapezoid, or beveled heel; wide-topped tube boots or tight-fitting, knee-high stocking boots. Irina has a fashionable dress: asymmetrical hem, ruffles and trendy colors.

GlukoZa demonstrates huge shoulders: shoulder pads are as fashionable now as they were 30 years ago. A long raincoat, patent leather and a wide shoulder line – these signs make it easy to recognize a fashionista this fall. We wore similar raincoats at the end of the last century: the silhouette of this clothing model resembles an inverted triangle.

Stay warm with Olga Buzova

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A snow-white sheepskin coat suits Olga Buzova. Sheepskin coats began to more actively displace jackets from the wardrobes of fashionistas; at that time there were no serious cold weather conditions. We choose: a tanned leather coat or an aviator jacket. The most current are abbreviated models, like Olga’s. These sheepskin coats look great with both pants and skirts. The basic model, which will not go out of fashion soon, is the classic zippered aviator boots up to mid-thigh without decoration.

Klava Coca in denim and on a platform in the style of Bratz dolls

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Klava Koka looks fashionable in a denim outfit. Denim takes up a lot of space in the fall wardrobe. You can style denim of different shades in the same set of clothes. We recently walked the runway in distressed, mud effect denim. The singer also has fashionable boots, with platforms in the style of Bratz dolls.

Anastasia Ivleeva and her low waist.

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Anastasia Ivleeva loves these low-rise jeans. Low-waisted skirts and pants have been a trend since the 2000s. Jeans were dropped and they compensated for it with a feminine or laconic top.

Alsou and her pink sequins Photo – Rossiya Channel

Alsou in a bright jumpsuit rehabilitates sequins: they are still relevant. Garments with a shiny effect remain in the wardrobe for the first season, but with new variations. The oversize is being replaced by a feminine and fitted silhouette.

Polina Gagarina in a biker jacket and leather pants is a rocker

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Polina Gagarina and Ksenia Sobchak show fashionistas’ favorite pieces for this season: leather. It could be a biker jacket and pants like Polina Gagarina or a jacket with a skirt like Ksenia Sobchak.

Ksenia Sobchak and her leather outfit

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Laysan Utyasheva and her two trends: a red dress with open shoulders; large belts as decoration.

Laysan Utyasheva shows modern red, massive decor and open shoulders

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What else is in fashion? Top 5 by Anvar Ochilov.

– Multilayer. Nude or translucent dresses. Pleated. fluid silhouettes; wide trousers. Since femininity is in, it’s time to return to fitted silhouettes.

– Large jewelry: chains, belts, scarves: they are on the body, on clothes. If the skirt is low, then there is a chain on the hips.

– We add humor with bright shades of clothing, bright prints.

– We can have patches: pockets and sleeves.

– Metallic pants, skirts and gold jackets: let’s shine as much as we can.

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