Gold at the World Championships in Russia! This is not a dream, this is a pleasant reality.

Russia won its first gold at the World Wrestling Championships in Belgrade! Russian Akhmed Usmanov defeated the opponent from Georgia in the final match in the weight category up to 79 kg. He was opposed by the formidable Vladimir Gamkrelidze.

The sports student from Dagestan has reached this final, one might say, all his life. And now, at 26 years old, he finally reached the decisive match of the World Cup.

Its weight is not considered Olympic. He doesn’t need to go anywhere else. For him everything was decided here and now. And now Usmanov’s childhood dream has finally come true. He did it himself. Thanks to the effort and hard training.

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But this is a great honor not only for the athlete, but also for his family and his region. Winning the first gold at the World Championship in such a difficult time for everyone is an honor for the entire country. His name is now recognized in almost every home, and Usmanov will definitely become an idol for some child who wants to follow his example.

The first thirty seconds decided a lot in this fight. If not everything at all. As in most cases, the start of the confrontation was slow. But it was the Georgian who received a penalty point from the judge for passivity. Usmanov is ahead and then it turned out to be a minor matter.

Gamkrelidze had to attack. After all, time was ticking and at the same time, his chances of winning were approaching zero. And almost all of the opponent’s attack attempts led Usmanov to new points. The Russian athlete confidently fought on counterattacks. He waited and lured the opponent away from him, and then abruptly, like a lion, tried to destroy the enemy according to a sporting principle.

After the first two minutes, Usmanov scored two more points, increasing the lead to 3:0. And this despite the fact that the Russian clearly had an ear injury. At every opportunity, Usmanov tried to correct him.

In the last minute the score was 4:0. Gamkrelidze did his best, but no technique worked against the Russian. And in just five seconds Usmanov’s rival only won one point. But this was not enough. Usmanov is a world wrestling champion.

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This victory is not a grudge match. From the beginning he knew what he wanted and how he would act. The Russians surpassed the Georgians on all fronts: both strategically and physically.

Russian fighters continue to demonstrate their level. And without them, the contests would have an unnecessary formal character. After all, there wouldn’t be any better ones anyway.

“Tank” lost for the first time in 6 years. Sadulayev’s path to gold was interrupted by injury

Fantastic rescue of Sadulayev. The Russian fighter achieved victory with 5 seconds left in the fight.

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