Goal of the year by a goalkeeper in the Champions League! A player with Russian roots saved in the style of Ronaldo! Video

Goal of the year by a goalkeeper in the Champions League! A player with Russian roots saved in the style of Ronaldo! Video

Konstantin Krinsky September 20, 2023, 00:36 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Ivan Provedel spent the entire last season dragging Lazio into the Champions League. Now headed to the playoffs?

The Champions League group stage match between Lazio and Atlético de Madrid was nothing special until the final minutes. The teams did not attack often, they pressed a lot and did not accelerate the pace. But at the last second everything changed. This match went down in history thanks to a single touch.

The match was not exciting at all. Against the background of parallel matches, the match at the Olympic Stadium seemed boring. In the 29th minute, Atlético, as the better team, took the lead. Pablo Barrios scored off a pass from Nahuel Molina.

So the Madrid team did not exactly dominate, but was dried up by the experience. After all, this is Diego Simeone’s team! The tedious and prolonged football in Rome only occasionally erupted with dangerous moments.

It seemed that everything would end like this, because Lazio still could not give emphasis and integrity to their attacks in the second half. Maurizio Sarri’s team walked around the area, periodically hitting Jan Oblak’s goal, but did not bring any special problems to the guests.

Everything changed not only in the last minute, but in the last seconds. Lazio put everything into the final attack: goalkeeper Ivan Provedel even entered the area. At first, the tall goalkeeper dressed in a bright yellow uniform hoped to help the team in a corner. But they took away the canopy.

The Italians did better at the second pace. Luis Alberto charged into the area from the same flank where the corner was served. In a beautiful arc, the ball entered the area, clearly on the head of Provedel, who ideally opened under the center and ran (already towards the goalkeeper’s goal). He scored in the best Ronaldo tradition! I’m not kidding! The goalkeeper scored in the 90+5 minute in the Champions League!

Ivan Provedel is only the second goalkeeper in Champions League history to score. If we do not take into account post-match penalties, the first was Standard’s Sinan Bolat: in 2009 he scored against AZ.

By the way, this is not Provedel’s first goal! Iván already scored: the first time this happened was on February 7, 2020, in a Juve Stabia Serie B match against Ascoli. Then the goalkeeper also closed the serve in the 90+5 minute and saved the team from a tie (2-2). It just doesn’t happen like that!

And Provedel is no stranger to Russia. Ivan has Russian roots, his family was friends with Lev Yashin’s family. The goalkeeper admitted that he would like to receive a call to the Russian national team.

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