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24 teams from Russia, Turkey, India and Kazakhstan entered the qualifying phase. “It’s fantastic that the championship is generating so much interest!” – noted Maksut Shadayev, highlighting that the “Battle of the Robots” resumed this year after a fairly significant pause. But the participants seemed to be waiting for an invitation: they all turned out to have valuable news. “It is not surprising: today technology rules the world. And we will continue to support such technological and innovative competencies and implement smart developments in life, because this strengthens our country,” added Andrei Vorobyov. He said that not so long ago deep areas of training in engineering, information technologies, robotics and programming began to develop in the Moscow region, but the result is already visible. And “Battle of the Robots” will definitely prove it.

The essence of the championship is simple: two robots from different teams meet on the site and face each other. A battle lasts three minutes and the winner advances to the next round. The home site of the Moscow region turned out to be favorable for the Fryazin boys: the team advanced to the quarterfinals. More precisely, she was taken there by a robot that must have been a large household vacuum cleaner. But when work in the cleaning unit was in full swing, news of a championship arrived and the students quickly converted the vacuum cleaner into a combat machine. She skillfully dodges blows and, upon colliding, blocks the enemy’s weapon.

The interest of both participants and spectators in the championship is understandable, because today technology rules the world.

But the RedHorn combat robot, a mini-tank weighing more than 100 kilograms, fought for access to the semifinals, which were held within the framework of the same qualification round. This machine is already more serious, it can not only shoot, but also masters the techniques of judo and ninjutsu, an ancient Japanese martial art. “And we only had one caterpillar-driven robot, all other vehicles moved on wheels. We assembled it for a long time, worked out combat tactics. And in the future, based on the knowledge and skills we have already received, and “With With the interest of the associated company and the university, we will be able to create other useful robots. Maybe they transport loads, move something and help people in everyday life, in companies,” the captain of the Moscow region team, Dmitri Tatarinov, told reporters. He works as a process engineer at Istok and at the Fryázino branch of the Russian Technological University is responsible for student project management. The team led by Dmitry first came to the “Battle of Robots” and quite easily reached the semi-finals, where only six teams made it.

At the end of October, the second qualifying round of the “Robot Battle” will take place in Perm, after which 10 more semi-finalist teams will be determined. In total, 16 teams will fight to reach the Robot Battle finals. The final is scheduled for December and will be held in Moscow. The championship prize will be 6 million rubles, which the winners will be able to spend on future advances in robotics.

And at the beginning of next year, the super final of the “Battle of Robots” will take place in Kazan, which will be included in the program of the first “Future Games”. We hope to see the Fryazino guys there too.

By the way

In the Moscow region, 676 general education programs in robotics are being implemented, in which more than 10.5 thousand people study. Five years ago, the first Quantorium center with its own laboratory, the most modern equipment and software was opened in Krasnogorsk. The same centers now exist in Korolev and Balashikha, and next year they will open in Odintsovo and Dmitrov.

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