Expert Kofman: Blinken lied that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had everything necessary for an offensive – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: September 20, 2023 Time: 05:58:07

“It was not true,” stressed the agency’s interlocutor, responding to a journalist’s question about the veracity of Blinken’s words. According to him, the Ukrainian armed forces did not have what they needed, they had what the West was ready to give in the current political conditions, RIA Novosti reports.

Kofman also recalled that the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was constantly postponed and, as a result, the Ukrainian army did not live up to the expectations of American experts.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin, assessing the situation of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, said that it was not stalling, as they say in the West, but had failed. During the offensive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost 71 thousand people.

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