Crazy CSKA game! Ten of us were saved against the main RPL sensation team.

Crazy CSKA game! Ten of us were saved against the main RPL sensation team.

Nikita Paglazov September 16, 2023, 16:30 Moscow time

And “Wings” missed the chance to take first place.

“Wings” is one of the discoveries of the new RPL season. The team is in the leading group, while CSKA was in seventh place before the confrontation. The army team had personnel problems at first, but now newcomers have arrived. The question remained: would they help in the game against Wings?

Kelven and Víctor Dávila appeared in the CSKA starting eleven. And “Wings” dispensed with the newcomers. But even without them, the Samara team started the meeting with energy. Already in the 2nd minute, “Alas” opened the scoring. Defender Nikolai Rasskazov took advantage of the rebound and sent the ball into Igor Akinfeev’s goal. At first, CSKA’s defense questioned the goal, claiming it was offside. But referee Artyom Lyubimov counted the ball. Unexpected start!

CSKA did not take advantage after conceding a goal. The meeting developed into a double-edged fight. One of the joints caused the injury to CSKA defender Moisés. The Brazilian held his knee and finally left the field.

And in a minute the owners paid. “Wings” put pressure on CSKA and intercepted the ball, Rakhmanovich found Nikita Saltykov with a pass. The Samara winger went one-on-one and beat Akinfeev. This is the beginning! 2:0 in favor of “Wings” in the 22nd minute. Who could have expected this?

In the standings, “Wings”, if they win, would clearly occupy first place. But goalkeeper Ivan Lomaev decided to add some intrigue. In the 30th minute, he made a sudden move in the area and hit Willian Rocha with his hand. Lyubimov listened to the VAR and gave a penalty. Anton Zabolotny reached the point and beat Lomaev, restoring hope to the fans.

An important moment of the first half was the yellow card of CSKA defender Willian Roche in the 37th minute. And if we add the 45 minutes, then “Wings” looked prettier. The result after the first half is a deserved result for the guests.

But the beautiful thing about soccer is that the game lasts 90 minutes. And in the second half, CSKA recovered and acted much more actively. Opportunities arose for Nababkin, who replaced Chalov, Mukhin and Zabolotny. But in the 62nd minute an unpleasant episode occurred: Willian Rocha received a second yellow card. He stepped on Babkin’s foot, so Lyubimov sent the Brazilian off.

It seemed that “Wings” would achieve victory. But CSKA turned against the military character. There was a wave of attacks on the Lomaev gate. Faizullaev, Chalov, Zabolotny and other footballers were actively tense. Despite the numerical minority, the match remained completely under the control of CSKA.

And the pressure was successful! In the 75th minute, Fedor Chalov scored a nice goal. He received the ball in the box and threw it to Lomaev with a throw-in. CSKA regained the lead!

It’s strange, what happened to “Wings”? At the beginning of the match, with equal numbers, they showed a great game, but in the second half they slowed down. And even in the “11 against 10” situation they seemed weak, although after the second goal they conceded they created a couple of chances. Nikita Saltykov turned out to be especially dangerous when he faced Akinfeev. But the Krylia winger shot near the right post of the CSKA goal.

And then Zabolotny had a chance. He was about to escape to meet Lomaev, but Soldatenkov stopped him. For the foul, the Wings captain received a straight red card, leveling the lineups. It is true that there were only five minutes of added time left.

Kirill Nababkin tries to block a shot


CSKA and Krylia eventually parted ways. Even the instructions of Akinfeev, who came to tell who and what should be done during a free kick, did not help. Although a dangerous opportunity eventually appeared for military midfielder Glebov, Kirill was offside.

“Wings” took second place, CSKA rose to sixth place. However, both clubs could lose their positions if their rivals are successful. A draw is a fair result. Both teams showed great football at times, but it was not possible to identify the best player overall.

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