Congressman Greene: Zelensky in a khaki T-shirt acts as if he is at war – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: September 19, 2023 Time: 05:40:23

He noted that he never voted to send a single cent to Ukraine and will not do so, “especially in the presence of Zelensky, wearing a green T-shirt and acting like he’s at war while telling Biden what to do.” RIA Novosti reports.

According to Greene, Washington has already sent Ukraine more than $113 billion and this week the US House of Representatives will vote on another military aid package to Kiev in the amount of $300 million.

At the same time, the congresswoman emphasized that the White House’s position on the Ukrainian conflict should be to fight for peace and not incite war.

Earlier, Zelensky said he arrived in the United States to participate in the high-level week of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly. On his social networks, the Ukrainian president said that he had planned meetings with US President Joe Biden, with the leaders of the chambers and parties of Congress, as well as with the US military leadership.

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