Better paid job with basic studies: up to 100,000 euros salary

Date: September 18, 2023 Time: 18:24:01

Accessing university studies is not always the first option for students when they think about their future after finishing high school. Knowing that a high level of education does not always lead to better salaries, many people look to other types of jobs that do not involve university training, but that entail a high monthly remuneration. One of these jobs is that of air traffic controller, which has an average salary of up to 100,000 euros per year, and for which it is not necessary to prove higher education.

The job of an air traffic controller consists of providing ATC (Air Traffic Control) service, directing the flow of aircraft in airspace and airports that is fluid, safe and orderly. The employee in charge of these functions grants the pilots the relevant authorizations and includes instructions and information necessary to operate in the airspace. This job, for which a high level of responsibility is required, requires candidates who have the capacity for spatial perception and projection.

The salary of air traffic controllers can reach 100,000 euros per year, although the figure can be altered through overtime and other payroll supplements. To achieve the highest salary, in Spain experience is taken into account; professionals with more years of professional skill are the best paid. In addition, working in airports with more air traffic also have higher salaries.

What studies do you have to have to be an air traffic controller?

To apply for a job as an air traffic controller, you only need to have a specific license. In addition, high knowledge of English must be proven. Any additional training that is accredited when applying for a vacancy to fill one of these positions may be a plus to achieve the objective.

What is the job of an air traffic controller like?

The air traffic controller can be located in three positions or positions: tower, approach and route (the authorization controller (DEL) – who is the one who gives Flight Plan authorizations to outgoing aircraft -, the Ground Controller (GND) – who guides the aircraft “on the ground” through the taxiways (TWY-Taxiway) -, the Tower Controller (TWR) – who authorizes the aircraft to land or take off -, the Approach Controller – who controls the airspace and manages the traffic that leaves and arrives at one or more airports-) and the Route or Area Controller (ACC) -which controls the rest of the airspace-.

The weather or traffic on the runway are some of the factors that air traffic controllers must take into account to authorize or not authorize the takeoff and landing of airplanes. Everything must be done to ensure separation between planes and expedite traffic on the runway.

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