Bastrykin ordered the creation of research groups to combat illegal migration

The chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee reported that visiting foreigners this year began to kill, rape and commit violent acts of a sexual nature more frequently. Photo: Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

In Russia the number of crimes committed by immigrants has increased. In this regard, the chairman of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, said during an operational meeting that this year alone, about 25 thousand crimes have already been committed by foreigners and 1,200 criminal cases against visitors have been referred to court.

“There has been a one-third increase in serious and especially serious crimes committed by migrants, including 157 murders and 63 cases of intentional infliction of serious bodily injury resulting in the death of the victim. The number of crimes against sexual integrity has increased: rape – 11%, violent acts of a sexual nature – 12%,” Bastrykin listed.

The number of crimes committed by online visitors has increased.

The head of the Russian Investigative Committee for the Bryansk region, Maxim Lukichev, said at the meeting that students from foreign countries maintain open correspondence with minor residents of the region via the Internet.

Bastrykin ordered to take preventive measures related to the distribution of drugs by migrants, as well as to identify crimes related to the registration of fictitious marriages between migrants and Russian citizens, who thus help them legalize and change their documents.

The president of the department, in a speech to his colleagues, stressed that “every day he receives signals from citizens about flagrant violations of the law committed by immigrants.” At the same time, citizens often began to complain about underage visitors who “increasingly show aggressive behavior, flagrantly violating accepted social norms.”

The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia called on his subordinates to “bring order to the crime of immigrants, especially illegal ones,” and emphasized that “the criminal legal response to lawlessness by visitors in several regions is clearly insufficient ” He also ordered the creation of investigative teams specialized in investigating crimes of this category.

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