Anaconda snakes were first born in a Crimean aquarium – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: September 18, 2023 Time: 20:20:05

Interestingly, the mother snake carried the babies, like a human, for exactly nine months. The offspring was born on the 270th day.

“Anacondas are viviparous snakes, the aquarium staff closely monitored the pets and when they saw the babies appear, they immediately put them in a separate enclosure,” Victor said.

Newborns do not eat anything during the first month of life. They will develop an appetite after shedding their first skin. But even now children are very aggressive, show their difficult temperament, and even now it is dangerous to approach them.

“They wrap their muscles in such a way that they can easily strangle a person,” says Viktor Zhilenko. – That is why special safety regulations must be observed in the aquarium.

A snake can easily bite through the skin of an adult, although its bite is not poisonous.

The collection of inhabitants of the Alushta aquarium is one of the largest in Russia. Four rooms house 250 species of fish from different places on the planet, eight species of turtles, five species of crabs and three species of crocodiles.

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