A neuropsychologist named phrases that immediately identify a person with psychological problems

A neuropsychologist named phrases that immediately identify a person with psychological problems

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If you hear these words from yourself or a loved one, you should sound the alarm.

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“Mental health is a luxury that not everyone can afford in the modern world. Strange, illogical or toxic manifestations of loved ones should not be ignored, because timely support and, if necessary, psychological help can save not only relationships, but even a person’s life. I will tell you which phrases you should pay special attention to.”

“When will everyone leave me alone?”

A depressive state can be accompanied by feelings of sadness, emptiness and hopelessness, manifested in irritability and outbursts of anger. The feeling that everyone demands something from a person and daily responsibilities become overwhelming is a very common manifestation of this disease.

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“I don’t care”, “I don’t want anything”

Some people with depression have a strong feeling that they are making no contribution to the world, that they are a failure, or that others don’t care if they exist. These feelings may or may not be caused by a life event (such as a breakup or job loss).

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Anhedonia, or a decreased ability to experience pleasure, is one of the common symptoms of depression. Decreased or absent libido or interest in sex is one of the first signs.

“I am so tired)”

Fatigue and loss of energy, often accompanied by unexplained body aches, are signs of depression. There are many stigmas associated with this condition in our society. Many people aren’t willing to talk openly about how they feel overwhelmed all the time, so constantly talking about being tired should be a red flag.

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“I did not say that)”

When it comes to narcissism, its main symptom is gaslighting. And, first of all, it manifests itself in the denial of one’s own words and actions. This is understood as the deliberate formation in a person of distrust in his own views on reality or the belief that he is mentally unbalanced. To do this, the narcissist uses specific and specific negative phrases.

“Do not communicate with them”, “They are not your friends”

Narcissists gradually make people dependent on themselves, isolating them from family and friends. Disconnecting from their support system allows them to control those around them. They will say that your family members wish you harm, that you spend too much time with your friends and that they are a bad influence on you, or they will make negative comments about your loved ones’ behavior and their interactions with you to change your attitude. to them.

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“Who needs you besides me?”

Such statements can be a sign of a variety of psychological problems, from simple lack of self-confidence to narcissistic disorder. This manifestation of psychological violence aims to belittle, control and repress, but all of this is caused by a deep-rooted feeling of one’s own insignificance. Devaluing others makes them feel better about themselves.

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Don’t self-medicate. Only a doctor can prescribe a diagnosis and treatment plan.

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